Armored Saint – “Punching The Sky”

Label: Metal Blade

Rating: 9/10

Review: Will


Armored Saint have once again Delivered.

Armored Saint have denied 2020 an outright victory of complete disaster by giving us one of their (And so far one of the year’s) best albums with their latest, “Punching The Sky“.

This is an album that has songs that strike upon first listen like “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants“, “End Of The Attention Span” and “Missile To Gun“.  On subsequent spins, tracks like  “Bubble“, ” Bark, No Bite“, “Lone Wolf” really start to stand out to make this one hell of a solid metal album.

One of my favorites is the almost serene, “Unfair” which is tucked away towards the end of the album which takes you on a journey that just builds and builds.

The musicianship on this album is amazing.  Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan do some incredible tandem guitar work.  Joey Vera on bass and Gonzo “Drums Of Thunder” Sandoval are locked in such a tight pocket on this album.  Great headphone song and album closer, “Never You Fret” is a great example of just how in sync they are. And John Bush’s lyrics and vocals are so vicious on this album.  Right up there with the best that Armored Saint have ever offered.

The production duties are again handled by bassist, Joey Vera, and you can tell that he has taken his time to allow these songs to flourish.  From the Uillean pipes intro on “Standing On The Shoulders of Giants” to the Indian Flute (Played by Gonzo) on closer, “Never You Fret“, the band has thrown everything at this release and none of it goes to waste. Adding to the top notch final product is Mixer, Jay Ruston (Stone Sour – “Hydrograd”, Anthrax – “Worship Music”) who who also played the same role on their last studio effort, “Win Hands Down”. They even have Guns N Roses Keyboardist, Dizzy Reed seamlessly adding some ivory flair along the journey.

Video: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants


Video: End Of The Attention Span

Track listing

1. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

2. End Of The Attention Span

3. Bubble

4. My Jurisdiction

5. Do Wrong To None

6. Lone Wolf

7. Missile To Gun

8. Fly In The Ointment

9. Bark, No Bite

10. Unfair

11. Never You Fret


11 Killer Tracks with nary a let-down along the way. After almost 40 years of solid metal, Armored Saint aren’t one to rest on their laurels.

Punching The Sky” will be a staple in Armored Saint Fans collections and for those more casual listeners in the metal world, this should be the album that makes them take notice.

All Hail The Saint!

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