Crazy Lixx – “Forever Wild”

Label: Frontiers Records

Rating: 8/10

Review: Dawn Osborne

Crazy Lixx are back with another album full of 80s style rock and somehow they always seem to come up with something fresh every time. With the last album having been mostly in minor keys, horror themed and dark, this album is mainly in major keys and about achievements, overcoming challenges and optimistic and uplifting, so they are back with something different but still guaranteed to please fans of 80s rock.

Opener ‘Wicked’ with its big riffs and chorus reminded me a little of Babylon AD in their heyday. ‘Break Out’ is a song to go to the gym to with its galloping rhythm that will make you want to punch the bag like Rocky even if you are on a bus. ‘Silent Thunder’ with its video of fighter jet footage will take you straight back to Iron Eagle and the days of King Kobra. The song ‘Eagle’ is about self knowledge and celebration of what you have in the face of adversity. ‘Terminal Velocity’ was co written with Michael Pallas who is another Frontiers artist and has a super catchy chorus and harmonies. ‘It’s You’ is a song about a girl where Danny Rexon, vocalist manages to get about eight notes into a three syllable word, ‘miracle’. Why use less, when you can use more? I am sure Diamond Dave would agree! ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’ is not a cover, but a new radio friendly ballad which happens to have the same name. Closer is the title track ‘Never Die (Forever Wild)’ and a big one for the album. Both guitarists play the solo on the end which was supposed to be just used to fade out, but without trying they decided the solo was so good they had to add another bit onto the song to fade out so as not to lose the whole really long solo at the end.

If you miss the days of Survivor, when music was about conquering the world and you could work out to it and actually enjoy the work out as a result… When people weren’t afraid to rock out loud and proud and it was not a crime to believe in yourself and play to win, Crazy Lixx’sForever Wild” could be the album of the year for you.

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