All That Remains / Lacuna Coil 

with support from Bad Omens

The Regent, Los Angeles, CA – 10/1/19

First order of business, I REALLY wanted to get to this show on time to see Toothgrinder’s set. However scheduling a show with 5 bands, to start at 6pm in the middle of Los Angeles is pretty much a joke. I was waiting in line for my wristband and caught the last 2 songs of their set from outside the building.  (I’ll get an opportunity to see them in a couple of weeks on the Megacruise…  so take THAT Universe!)

Bad Omens

That said, I wasn’t familiar with the direct support band, Bad Omens, and they were an eye opener!  Vocally, singer, Noah Sebastian reminded me a little of Chester Bennington when he was spitting out their lyrics. Rounded out by guitarist, Nicholas Ruffilo, bassist, Joakim Karlsson and drummer, Nick Folio, this LA based band shredded up The Regency crowd. I’ve checked out a few of their songs online since last night’s show and plan to add them into heavy rotation.

Lacuna Coil

This joint headline tour has seen All That Remains and Lacuna Coil switching out the top spot. Italy’s Lacuna Coil went on first tonight and goth rocked the shit out of The Regent! Celebrating their 25th year as a band, Lacuna Coil were full steam ahead and sounded and looked amazing.

Visually, the band are cool as hell! Singers, Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia appeared in black hoods while bassist, Marco Zelati, guitarist, “Didi” Cavalotti and drummer Ryan Folden, (filling in for new drummer, Richard Meiz on the US Tour) all had varying shades of black and white painted faces.

Andrea and Cristina traded off screaming and clean vocals respectively.  I’m not a huge fan of “Death Metal” type Growls, so a concert like this provided just the right level of vocal intensity for me. The harmonies between Andrea and Cristina hit the peak of that perfect, melodic metal range that I really dig.

The setlist has been the same throughout the tour giving a nice selection from their 25 year history (at least starting in the 2000’s).  The selection included, “Blood, Tears, Dust“, “Trip The Darkness“, “Our Truth“, “My Demons“…. The only (potential) variance is when Cristina gave the crowd the choice to choose between “Heaven Is A Lie” or “Swamped“.  I’ve checked the past setlists and “Heaven is a Lie” was the (overwhelming) winner every time. They finished off their set with “Reckless” and “Nothing Stands In Our Way“.  

It was funny to see some subtle changes in the crowd after Lacuna Coil…  Some of their hardcore fans left the front of the stage while the All That Remains faithful made their way up to the barrier.  Almost like the night crew meeting the day crew while they were pushing past each other to punch the clock.

All That Remains

A punch is what Phil Labonte and All That Remains hit the stage with as his guttural scream announced “This Calling“.  Without time to catch a breath the band kicked into “Chiron” and “This Won’t End Well“.  After “Hold On” The Regent crowd finally had a chance to catch it’s collective breath during new song, “Just Tell Me Something” which showed a softer side to the band.

Guitarist Mike Martin and newest member, Lead guitarist, Jason Richardson (Who has admirably taken the place of the late Oli Herbert) ripped out precision riffs while Phil Labonte ventured back and forth seamlessly between Metal Core and Melodic vocals. Aaron Patrick (bass) and Jason Costa (drums) anchored the thundering, thumping beats making that shit look easy!

I might be taking a leap here… but it seems that this is a band that might work out a bit. All instruments looked miniature in their hands.  A bullet train of a set finally concluded with “Six“, “What If I Was Nothing” and the hit, “Two Weeks“.


This tour continues through the end of October with varying opening acts.  Definitely worth a look if they come through your town.

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