Lizzy Borden – “My Midnight Things”

Label: Metal Blade Records

Rating: 9/10

Review: Dawn Osborne


This album surprised me. Whatever you thought you knew about Lizzy Borden, forget it, this album is a game changer and puts him on a whole new level in my estimation.  Another amazing thing is that this album is mostly vocals, syncopation and keyboards. I thought it was impossible for me to love an album where guitars are not a prime feature, but here it is.

I was highly impressed by the operatic, romantic nature of the title track ‘My Midnight Things’ and despite the insistent drum machine like beat I was just swept up by the passion of this song. It struck me as the ultimate rock love poem delivered with an intensity that I found infectious. There must be some sorcery in his songwriting, because despite the dance beat I really enjoyed the hi energy tempo songs on this album. Lizzy did most of the work on this album himself and although he intended to collaborate with friends and guest musicians, apparently everyone said leave the album as it is. I am so glad they did as it has a unique quality which is guaranteed to make it an album to which I will always listen. Lizzy told me he was influenced by bands like Queen growing up and I can certainly hear this in the experimentation, complexity and layering of the vocal tracks.

Songs like the title track and ‘Run Away With Me’ are so catchy I found myself singing them between listens and I got strangely addicted to listening to the album… such was the attractive force of the composition. ‘Our Love is God’ has a bewitching primal stomping nature that speaks directly to the primitive part of the brain. I have only heard the material sober, but I imagine that those that like to partake of something a little stronger than a soft drink will experience this even more. The cover of the Christmas song ‘Silent Night’ is just so off the wall it works.

When hearing my opinions on this album, many people have said, but Lizzy always made great albums. All I can say is I have heard them all and none previously hit me with the same impact like a cartoon of a caveman bashing his girlfriend over the head and dragging her home. I was immediately overcome with admiration for this album. Just when you thought you had heard it all, eh?

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  1. And you seriously don’t hear all the layers of guitars on these tracks???

    That aside, this is his best effort since Master Of Disguise, and one of the very best albums of last year (where you been?).

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