Midnite City – “There Goes the Neighbourhood”

Label: AOR Heaven

Rating: 10/10

Review: Dawn Osborne

You may know Midnite City from their pretty good self titled debut, the good news is their second album is even better!

Kicking off with an homage to Poison and the intro ‘you’re movin at two speeds slow and stop. Get your butt in gear or you’re outta here’ from their ‘Nothin But a Good Time’ video, for those in the know this quote sets the Midnite City agenda nicely with ‘Here Comes the Party’; a good time rock n roller for the hard working people waitin’ for the weekend. The line ‘You’re all Invited’ places the old skool heavy rock tribe vibe just where it should be. ‘Woah-oh-oh’ choruses, 80s style guitar solos and keyboard intros on songs like ‘Tonight You’re All I Need’ and ‘Hard to Get Over You’ tells you everything you need to know about this album and if that’s your cup of tea, then this is the right place to hear exactly what you’ve been looking for.

In fact, however, while you’ll get all the excitement and guitar gusto as Poison (at least in their early days), Midnite City are more polished, and those that love AOR masters FM will love this album. For example, had I not known, I would have thought tracks like ‘Give Me Love’ and ‘You Don’t Understand Me’ were from this stable. Indeed, as with the first album, most of the tracks, (check out ‘Heaven’s Falling’) are focused on relationships in the way good 80s ballads were and before the trend in homogenized modern hard rock was to forget you have a heart.

While I loved the attitude and style of the Midnite City debut, this second album comes from the same place, but knocks hit out of hit out of the park. If it were 1987 these guys would have been plastered all over MTV with monster tracks like ‘Life Ain’t like This On the Radio’ and it cannot be long before they are courted by larger record labels. There’s even a cheeky borrowed line or two from George Michael on the album. (didn’t Picasso say great artists steal?!)

If I had had more time I would have reviewed this album much sooner. It’s a must have for AOR fans and not only do they sound great and deliver amazing material, but these guys look great too. Led by Tigertailz veteran vocalist Rob Wylde, who has recruited a talented young band behind him, he shows he still has all the chops to deliver a great package. 

Midnite City are:

Rob Wylde – Lead Vocals
Pete Newdeck – Drums & Backing Vocals
Miles Meakin – Lead Guitar
Shawn Charvette – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams – Bass & Backing Vocals