Dirty Honey – “Rolling 7’s Tour”

Opening Set by The Amazons

The Parish in the HOB – Anaheim, CA – 2/27/20

Review/Pictures: Diane Lynn

Dirty Honey brought their Rolling 7’s Tour to The Parish at the House of Blues Anaheim last Thursday and it was a perfect way to kick start my weekend just a little bit early.  

I’ve been hearing a lot about this fresh young band out of Los Angeles, they are causing quite a stir in the rock world which is a good thing! Having seen a couple of their videos I was definitely eager to hear them play live.  

The Parish was filling up to capacity when I arrived, I later learned it was a Sold-Out show, not to surprising considering they were playing so close to their hometown but it was also their second to the last show for this tour.  
Having a look around at the fans waiting for the show to start I noticed that many were wearing their Dirty Honey shirts, and a few of them had item’s that had been autographed at an earlier meet and greet. The buzz in the room was high as we all waited for the show to start.  

It didn’t take long for the Dirty Honey rockers to take the stage and they brought an amazing amount energy with them and that energy continued to grow as the show went on.  

They have a great sound, it’s a perfect mix of rock and a little dash of blues. It’s unique yet feels familiar. You can dance to it; you definitely want to sing along with it and you absolutely want to hear more. It’s a new band with a classic rock feel to their sound and style.    

The set list was a great mix of their standout hits with a couple of covers that they absolutely nailed.  

Covering “Last Child by Aerosmith and “Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin can have the audience turning on you if not done right yet Dirty Honey slid these two classic hits into their setlist and rocked them as if they were their own creations!  

Speaking of their very own creations, they are building a pretty impressive catalog including their debut single When I’m Gone which reached #1 on the charts back in October and for the week of Feb 19th their latest hit Rolling 7’s reached #7 on the Active Rock Radio Charts, all this coming from a yet to be signed band!   

The musicianship of each band member is prodigious. Starting with John Notto on Lead Guitar who was an enormous presence on stage as he tore into those electric riffs that just about set the place on fire! Bassist – Justin Smolian plucking out the heavy bass beats that added just enough to give their sound that bluesy rock vibe and Corey Coverstone on Drums who was keeping it cool while keeping the band on pace with this pounding drum hits. Add in Front-man Marc Labelle with his strong and climatic vocals and you have a killer rock band!   
Dirty Honey  

Marc LabelleVocals 

John NottoGuitar 

Justin SmolianBass Guitar 

Corey CoverstoneDrums 

The stage performance was fun to watch. They definitely love interacting with the crowd and got as up close and personal as the venue setting would permit. I’m glad I was able to see Dirty Honey in a smallish venue as I just know this will be the last time for them in this size venue. This is a fast-rising band, moving up on the charts quickly as their songs hit the ears of new fans every day. I’m sure the next time they come around they will no doubt be selling out shows but in much, MUCH larger venues!  

Dirty Honey just announced that they are heading out across the waters on their first European tour!   
Keep your eye on their tour schedule and don’t miss them when they come around your way!  

Check back with WillToRock.com for more tour updates on our new favorite rock band, Dirty Honey!  


Opening for Dirty Honey was a killer band out of Reading, Berkshire called The Amazons. These guys were an eye opener, putting on a short but dazzling set. They have a unique style and sound; some call it Indie Rock or Alternative – whatever you may want to call it – it was Rockin’!   

The Amazons 
Matt ThomsonVocals, Guitar 
Chris AldertonGuitar 
Elliot BriggsBass 
Joe EmmettDrums  

Definitely a group of talented musicians with a front man who is charismatic and comfortable on stage. He draws you in with some quick witty banter in between songs then the band grabs hold of you the moment they start to play. Their latest studio album just released last May is titled “Future Dust and has eleven tracks. It’s available on CD and download and I’ve already added it to my playlist.      

I’d love to see these guys when they come back to the States next time!   

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