I have friends in Manchester.  Friends that I have never met.  Music Lovers.  My initial concern was for those friends.  I then learned that this heinous tragedy took place at an Ariana Grande concert and I felt sure that those people were probably not involved.  But that didn’t ease the pain of knowing that people went out to do something they loved, and some of them never made it home.

 We all attend numerous shows every year.

It could have been you…  It could have been me.

The events that unfolded last night in Manchester brought about some self-reflection (Of course after the initial confusion, sadness and anger)

Why did I start this thing?  What was the purpose?  Would one person look at it?  Am I creating this for me?  Am I creating this for you?

And I realized the reason…  LOVE.

A Love for Music.  A Love for the people who dedicate their lives to writing and performing music. A Love for the people behind the scenes who organize events, tune a guitar, set up a drum kit… A Love for the people who want to write about artists and photograph shows.

A Love for the people who are as enthusiastic about music as I am.

It’s important to be vigilant, not afraid.  It’s important to be aware and not paranoid.

Enjoy art in all its forms.  See the people, bands, and things that make you happy.  Remember, you should be the only person in charge of your attitude.

I Have Decided To Stick with LOVE.  hate is too great a burden to bear.

 – Martin Luther King Jr.

How You Can Help in the Wake of a Tragedy

(Although the above link is directly related to the events in Manchester, the information could be considered a “good-to-know”)