In This Moment – The Witching Hour Tour
House of Blues Anaheim – 4/13/18

Review and Pictures: Diane Lynn

Friday the 13th couldn’t have been a better night to see In This Moment on their Witching Hour Tour.
This was my first time finally getting to see this band live. I was initially scheduled to shoot them back in October of last year when a scheduling conflict prevented me from seeing them so when I saw that they were coming around again I made sure to clear everything from my calendar.  

In This Moment, alternative, metal core, industrial metal, goth rock, whatever it truly is you either love it or you just haven’t heard of it. It was definitely different, maybe a little of all of the above? 

Maria Brink is captivating, her presence is spellbinding. But aside from her amazing looks this golden haired songstress has a singing voice like nothing I’ve ever heard before, It’s powerful, a bit raspy; it’s almost a growl yet soothing at the same time. The fact that she has been given Loudwires “Rock Goddess of the Year” award several times along with “The Hottest Chick in Metal” should explain it all. Her empowering stage presence, her amazing talent in singing and more costume changes than I’ve ever seen at a rock concert; she encompasses the full package.

There was just so much to see during their show, almost impossible at times to absorb it all. The stage was like as a maze with all of the intricate pieces coming together, as I watched I wondered how she could possibly maneuver around all of the various lights, fog machines, mic cords, etc., but she managed it all very gracefully considering, as I mentioned before, all of the costumes (which she changes several times during the show) not to mention the various masks she wore. 

In This Moment is a complete show, all of the members are “introduced” and play a huge role in bringing you what you came for, a climactic, fantasy rock show.

In This Moment are:

Maria Brink – lead vocals, piano, Co-founder
Chris Howorth – lead guitar, backing vocals, Co-founder
Travis Johnson – bass, backing vocals
Randy Weitzel – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Kent Diimmel – drums

This is an impressive lineup, evident in the connection that they have to each other which is apparent in their stage performance. 
We must also include The Blood Girls, it’s virtually unknown who they really are but they are on stage almost the entire show to assist Ms. Brink with various “rituals” performed.

The band is L.A. based and have actually been recording and/or touring since about 2005. Since 2007 they have released six albums.

ITM Discography
Beautiful Tragedy (2007)
The Dream (2008)
A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010)
Blood (2012)
Black Widow (2014)
Ritual (2017)

Maria is great at engaging the crowd, she is definitely aware of her fans and her fans are loyal! A hashtag was created some time ago (#Becometheshow) encouraging the fans to come to the shows dressed as Maria in any of her many stage personas that they may relate to, whether you are female or male it doesn’t matter. I was reading through some of her past experiences and the things she has had to overcome in her life and I understand the desire to portray strength and strong will. It seems she has taken her talent and used it to be a voice for others through her songs, that may be enduring some of what she has overcome but are too afraid to speak out. That stands side by side with her enormous talent.

This was definitely a great show and it was worth the months of waiting. I would love to learn more about Ms. Brink and the good she is bringing to her fan base. Encourage, empowerment and bringing confidence to the youth of today, how could she go wrong?   

Not surprising the setlist was heavy on songs (five) from their latest album, “Ritual“, with four from “Blood” and two from “Black Widow”.

I have to say my favorite of the night was “Oh Lord”, but the biggest surprise was their take on “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins, it was absolutely killer!

Just released: In this Moment has just released the official video for “Black Wedding” off of the “Ritual” album featuring iconic Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford! I LOVE IT! Rob was perfect for this collaboration and I think it adds another hit to their list of kick ass songs! Have a listen!  

In This Moment – Black Widow



The Word Alive
Opener for in this Moment on The Witching Hour Tour

I love it when I’m very pleasantly surprised by the opening band and this was one of those times!
The Word Alive were pure rock adrenalin and have all the elements of a great metalcore rock band!

Kickass singer, Telle Smith has the voice; rhythmic and raw! A front man can sometimes make or break the band, and Telle leads this pack of talented musicians by being an awesome vocalist that has the ability to really connect with the fans.
As a photographer it was a great time to be in the pit, both guitar players were insane, both totally shredding while literally jumping and kicking their way through each song. I’ve never seen a guitar player kick so high and never miss a beat!
Since 2008 The Word Alive have been working their way up the ladder of success and in 2009 debuted their first album “Empire” which reached No. 15 on the Top Heatseekers list. 

Although they have had some lineup changes since the bands creation, the current lineup stands as: 

Telle Smith – Vocals
Tony Pizzuti
– Guitar/Vocals
Zack Hansen
– Guitar/Vocals
Matt Horn
– Drums

Studio albums-
Deceiver (Fearless, 2010)
Life Cycles (Fearless, 2012)
Real. (Fearless, 2014)
Dark Matter (Fearless, 2016)
Violent Noise (Fearless, 2018)

Along with their steady release of new music they have also released several music videos:
“The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules” (2009)-Video Released in 2011
“2012” (featuring Levi Benton) (2011)
“The Wretched” (2011)
“Wishmaster” (2012)
“Entirety” (2012)
“Life Cycles” (2012)
“Play the Victim” (2014)
“Lighthouse” (2014)
“The Runaway” (2014)
“Sellout” (2016)
“Trapped” (2016)
“Why Am I Like This?” (April 2018) 

Their fans are currently awaiting the release of their new album “Violent Noise” due out May 12th 2018.

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