Magic City Casino – Miami, FL – 2/7/20

This is my second time catching the Jack Russell-less version of Great White. The first time was with Terry Ilous and this time was with “new” singer, Mitch Malloy.
I like Mitch more as frontman for GW in that he’s got that big rock star presence that these songs deserve. Both very capable singers, but to be honest, except for a few rare instances, what sells a band for me are the vocals and Jack will always be the voice I want to hear singing these classic songs. I know…assholes and opinions…blah blah blah…
The band were great, don’t get me wrong… It’s cool that the classic core of Mark Kendall (lead guitar), Audie Desbrow (drums) and Michael Lardie (rhythm guitar) along with Scott Snyder (bass) and Mitch are out there doing their thing… Not one complaint about the music and the show was certainly entertaining. 
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