Stardust Theater – 10/13/19

Overkill introduction by Don Jamieson

The last band to play on Sail Away day was one of THE original Thrash bands, Overkill! I’ve always been a fan of Bobby Blitz’s voice which hasn’t changed a bit since the start of this band. An Overkill show is a pure, no-frills thrash-fest.  A band that has remained consistent in sound and quality throughout the years, they were the perfect band to close out MegaCruise Day 1.

With a band who are low on flash and high on thrash it’s all about the songs and the band ripped through their set which touched upon their entire career.

After set opener, 2018’s, “Last Man Standing” the band blasted into “Electric Rattlesnake“, “Hello From The Gutter” and the killer, “Elimination“.

This band were always just one additional chord away from being a punk band and you can’t help but love their unabashed, loud and proud “Jersey” attitude which permeates every ounce of this band on and off stage.

If this band combined were one thing, they’d be a huge middle finger (and I had the pleasure of being their photo experience photographer, and that is exactly how they expressed themselves in every picture)

Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth – Vocals
D.D. Verni – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Linsk – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Derek Tailer – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jason Bittner – Drums

As mentioned, Bobby’s voice was just where you want it to be, he was engaging, cool as shit and funny with the crowd. Dave and Derek, plain out shred. D.D. pounded the Bejeezus out of his bass and Jason blasted that double bass drum enough to rattle the Stardust Theater.

The band finished off their set with a few of their best in 85’s “Rotten To The Core“, their cover of The Subhuman’s “Fuck You” and their homage to their Home State, the punk as fuck “Welcome To The Garden State“.

I’ll bitch about it again, but the show scheduling precluded me from catching their second show on the boat.  So this was all I got from one of the Elder StatesBands of Thrash!

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