Sail Away Shot, MegaCruise Hosts and Metalachi

First thing most people did after they put their luggage away in their rooms, was head to the Bars and then to the Pool Stage. As is tradition on these Rock Cruises, the hosts were introduced, and then everyone gathers around for their Group Shot.

Sail Away Shot by The Great Igor Vidyashev (with a couple of great photogs in the bottom right…  🙂


Incredible Flamenco Guitarist, Ben Woods, with #MegaHost, Izzy Presley

The hosts on the boat were no strangers to Rock & Metal.

JOSE MANGIN: Sirius/XM Host of Octane and Liquid Metal. Big Shout Out to Jose who is a true Metal Champion.  He exudes so much passion for not only the music and the musicians, but for the fans.  Never saw him turn down a picture or a chance to talk metal.  He even told about how honored he was when one family asked him if he’d take their young son into a Mosh Pit for his first time.  He also gave props at almost every show to members of the military. 

Comedian, Don Jamieson is another advocate of the music we love. He was great at getting the crowd pumped up and if you got to spend any time with him, you know he enjoys channeling Paul Stanley asking if “anyone here likes meat”.

Not only a cool dude, but another person who can talk metal until the sun goes down and beyond.  Also, not just a great DJ, a great METAL DJ… Will Howell!

I’m pretty sure Sirius XM’s, Luc Carl was hammered most of the cruise.  He came out and announced a few bands and I’m not 100% sure he knew who he was introducing every time…but he got it mostly right.

The sailing members of Megadeth with Vic and Electra Mustaine also welcomed the crowd and got everyone pumped for the cruise.  Electra took the mic to give an update on her Dad letting everyone know that he was doing great, his treatments were working and sends his best.

On MegaCruise, the honor of being the Sail Away band went to the “World’s Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band, Metalachi


Metalachi consists of Vega De La RockhaEl Cucuy“Queen” Kyla VeraPaco HalenKiko Cane and Warren Moscow.

Metalachi added their Mexican spin to some classic metal songs like Slayer’s “Raining Blood” and Megadeth’s “Symphony Of Destruction“… The reaction from the cruisers was mixed, but Metalachi put on a great show as we all headed out to sea.

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