Adios Amigos!  Krokus are calling it quits after rocking for over 40+ years. Their final tour started on the boat. I couldn’t have been happier when they were added to the lineup.  They’ve been one of my bucket list bands to see and they didn’t disappoint.


Krokus are certainly bowing out on a high note. The band consisting of Mandy Meyer (Guitar), Fernando Von Arb (Guitar), Chris von Rohr (Bass), and Flavio Mezzodi (drums) sounded great and Marc Storace’s vocals were incredible.


They mixed up their two sets a bit which was cool. Especially when the first song of the first set was “HEADHUNTER”!!!  

I’ve also finally heard “Screaming In The Night” live and can now sleep peacefully.



The photography gods were not kind on this cruise. Their first show in the Royal Theater had horrible lighting and tons of smoke. And as they started to play their second set on the Pool Stage a cloud opened up sending the photo pit residents running to protect their cameras.

Either way, when touring resumes, I hope to be able to catch them again and hopefully get some shots that don’t automatically have to be turned into B&W.

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