Studio B – 2/10/20

Better than any cup of coffee I had on the ship. I caught their Tuesday “morning” show and they were my rock shot of caffeine. Their energy has no limit and fans were…well…fanatic…

The band, Hannes Kett (Lead Vocals), Jani Laine (Lead Guitar), Miki Kalske (Rhythm Guitar), Joel Alex (Bass) and Ana Willman (Drums) hit the stage like a Finnish Tsunami and kept that intensity for the full set.  

Like most of the Nordic bands on the boat I wasn’t that familiar with, I listened to a few of their songs on YouTube to get little more acquainted with and like most of the other bands from that region, their videos don’t do them justice at all! Hardcore Superstar, H.E.A.T and Shiraz Lane are all about to become regulars on my rotation. 

Full Shiraz Lane GalleryHere

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  1. One of the BEST bands (& probably the youngest) on the cruise! I saw all of their sets & Q&A & chatted with them a few times, GREAT guys!! >>Pls note that they ARE Scandinavian, however they are from Vantaa, FINLAND, but have toured with their Swedish friends in H.E.A.T. Thanks for the superb pics & memories of an awesome band! ??

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