For me the show of the boat. Hands down. It had been 30 years since I last saw Thunder play at the Ulster Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland. There was a bit more hair and a few less wrinkles (for me too) but that’s about it. The band sounded just as amazing as they did when they first burst on to the scene in 1989.

I found out that a ton of people on the Boat hadn’t even heard of the band which is a bloody shame. For those yanks who hadn’t had the opportunity to ever catch them live (or heard of them at all) the band proved why they’ve been such a staple of festivals all over Europe for decades as well as why they have such a loyal following.

The comment I heard most from others (as I gushed after each show) was how incredible Danny Bowes‘ voice was. And I can’t argue. His deal with the devil has paid off in spades. His pipes are as vibrant and soulful as they were back in his Terraplane days. Luke Morley (Guitar), Ben Matthews (Guitar), Chris Childs (Bass) and the amazing “Harry” James (Drums) were incredible. The Thunder sound is stadium level amazing. Big riffs, sing along choruses, incredible harmonies… and songs that make you want to bounce.

Their two sets on the boat were the exact same offering newbies a great selection of tunes showcasing what the band are all about. (And leaving older fans craving a taste from the depths of their 12 (soon to be 13) album catalog.

If you haven’t caught on yet, Thunder are a band that should be added to your catalog immediately. Grab their debut album, “Backstreet Symphony” and try and tell me I’m not right.

I’ll continue my one man quest to get the band to the states to capture the heart of fans of true good time Rock n roll. Volunteers welcome…

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