MORC X!  It took forever to get here and in a second it was over.  The whole experience of a Monsters of Rock Cruise of course starts WAY before a room is even booked! Pre-cruise, on Social Media, there was a LOT of bitching about this and about that… Why aren’t (insert favorite band name here) on the boat…? The drink packages are horrible…! When’s the schedule coming out?!  Can you believe the schedule?!..  Why won’t they tell us who the Secret Sail Away Band is?!?!


Then the bitching slowly changed to a building excitement..  The countdown posts started ramping up… The packing tips were shared and the newbies could barely contain their excitement and questions… And just who IS the Secret Sail Away Band?!  And then all of a sudden, before anyone could say “Washy Washy…” we were all on a boat wandering around wondering what to do with ourselves until our luggage arrived at our doors and the muster drill took place…

Some watched the Pool stage slowly come to life.  Others congregated in the dining area to grab what would probably be their last meal of the day. Some (Like Ben Woods and Arlene) took a stroll around the deck to catch their last views of Ft. Lauderdale before our departure.

A few took advantage of the soft serve ice cream while next to them the merch booth was being set up and lines began to form.  And still others continued to watch the pool stage SLOWLY come to life….

And some people headed down to Studio B for…

Studio B – 2/8/20

First band to play on the boat…?  DIEMONDS!  I think they got the short end of the stick..  Last year they were part of the Magic City Casino Pre-Party and this year they made it on to the boat and boom…  delay after delay after delay…)

Day 1 on the boat was HORRIBLE for delays all around… I’m sure there were good reasons,  (one was medical related and obviously couldn’t be helped) but it led to back up at each venue and Diemonds, playing in Studio B, basically had 30 minutes to play before the mandatory muster drill happened and then the Sail Away Pool Show was to begin..  (which if you got on the boat and still saw the cranes loading the stage on to the deck, you knew that wasn’t happening on time either.)

Regardless, Priya Panda and her boys launched into a rocking set which set the stage for some killer shows to follow….

Diemonds are: 

Priya Panda – Vocals

Daniel Dekay – Lead Guitar

Tyrone Buccione – Bass

Kyle Lecourt – Drums

They made it about a 1/3 of a way through their set before they had to stop. But that didn’t stop them from kicking off the festivities with a knuckle duster punch to get everything rolling.


And with that MORC X had begun….

Peace out Ft. Lauderdale as we headed out to Sea…


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