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Motionless In White’sGraveyard Shift” tour hit the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on March 3, 2018.  This tour is supporting Motionless In White’s album “Graveyard Shift” which was released on May 5, 2017.  Opening the show were Like Moths to Flames supporting their 2017 release “Dark Divine”, Ice Nine Kills supporting their 2017 release “Safe is Just a Shadow”, and Every Time I Die is supporting their 2016 release “Low Teens”.

The crowd for this tour was the most energetic I have ever seen.  From the moment the first band hit the stage crowd surfers were diving over into the photo pit at an insane rate.  I would look up and see bodies flying everywhere.  It became so chaotic during Every Time I Die that security pulled us from the photo pit during the second song.  To me this is how a rock/metal crowd should respond to the artists.  They feed off of the insane energy, producing what I think is a much better show.



Like Moths to Flames consists of Chris Roetter (vocals), Jeremy Smith (guitar), Zach Pishney (guitar), Aaron Evans (bass), and Greg Diamond (drums).  I unfortunately had not heard of this band before this tour and I learned that I was missing out on a great band.  Chris’s vocals are super and his stage presence was strong.  Their 6-song set managed to cover 7 years worth of music.

They opened the show with “New Plagues” of their current release.  This song goes from ripping metal to a really cool melodic rock song.  I’m a big fan of mixing metal, rough vocals with clean vocals.  This really showed off Chris’ vocal ability.  They also performed “Dark Divine” another new track, this song had a ton of energy with tight guitar riffs.

They closed out their set with “Bury Your Pain”; this track is pure metal with super thumping bass and heavy drums.  They had a great set, tons of energy and a lot of happy fans in the audience.



Ice Nine Kills consists of Spencer Charnas (vocals), Ricky Armellino (guitar), Justin Morrow (bass) and Conor Sullivan (drums).  These guys tore the stage apart and looked like they were gunning to be the best act of the night.  They played a 6-song set jammed packed with great songs.

They opened with “Communion of the Cursed” from their 2015 release “Every Trick in the Book”.  Conor’s incredible drumming and Spencer’s speed metal vocals drive this song.  The crowd went absolutely nuts during this song.  Next up was “Bloodbath and Beyond”.  This song while also heavy on the drums also has intricate guitar riff pulled off by Ricky that really pull this song together.

“The Plot Thickens” was my favorite of the night; this song was a total lock.  Bassist, Justin, was really fun for me to watch. He was super calm and collected and in his own world one moment, then spinning in circles the next all without missing a beat.  I find nothing cooler than musicians who are able to lose themselves and seem to forget that there are thousands of people staring at them.  Ice Nine Kills are definitely a must see band, even if you aren’t into metal they just may suck you in.



Every Time I Die consists of Keith Buckley (vocals), Andrew Williams (guitar), Jordan Buckley (guitar) Steve Micciche (bass), and Daniel Davison (drums).

I remember hearing about this band a long time ago.  They’ve been together for 20 years and used to play in a small venue near my house. At the time I didn’t get to many shows so I never had the chance to see them.  They have a huge fan base and it was overwhelmingly apparent at this show.  The amount of crowd surfers forced everyone out of the photo pit and one of the security guards got knocked down from all the chaos.

They had an 11-song set that for me fell flat. I am sure many people will disagree but to me all of their songs sounded similar to the point where Keith announced the name of each song before it was played.  With that being said they are all very talented even though I didn’t get into it.

The opened with “Decayin’ With the Boys”, Keith uses nearly all metal vocals and his clean vocals are more spoken than sung.  “Fear and Trembling” was my favorite of theirs, it starts with a cool guitar riff from Andy that leads into the song and continues throughout.  Then the vocals come in followed by the blistering drumming of Daniel, the guitar chugging of Jordan and the energetic bass ripping from Steve.

Every Time I Die is a very hard-hitting metal band that I personally would give another shot.  They put on a good show but with the amount of diverse metal bands on the scene I don’t think that their music has enough depth to keep up.



Motionless In White is touring on their new album “Graveyard Shift”.   This is my second time around reviewing their show on this album cycle.  I saw them open for In This Moment last year and they are still going strong, this time on their headlining tour.

Motionless In White consists of Chris Motionless (vocals), Ricky Horror (guitar), Ryan Sitkowsi (guitar), Devin “Ghost” Sola (bass) and Vinny Mauro (drums).  Motionless In White mixes theatrics, costumes, makeup, and an eerie set with an awesome metal show.  There are a few bands that use theatrics to cover up for their lack of musicianship but Motionless In White is not one of them. Ghost’s costume was creepy and awesome, definitely what nightmares are made of. 

They opened their set with “Rats” which also is the opening track of the “Graveyard Shift” album.  This song has a super cool riff and was a good choice for their opener.  Next up was “Reincarnate” from their 2014 release of the same name.  This track showcases Chris’ clean vocals.  For a metal band his vocals are super clear even during the rougher parts of the song, I really enjoy being able to understand all the lyrics.

The song is very melodic, driven by Ricky and Ryan’s seamless guitar work. It was interesting to see the placement of track as second in the set as they had used it as their closer during the In This Moment tour. A few songs later they crushed “Abigail” from their 2010 release “Creatures”.  This was one of their heavier songs for the night with Vinny hammering the double bass.

By this point this crowd had several circle pits going and a sea of crowd surfers.  I was excited to see the crowd kept up with an insane level of energy nearly 4 hours into the show.  They also hit on several of their anthem songs during the set including “570”, “America” and “Contemptress” which features Maria Brink from In This Moment on the album version.  They closed their set with “Eternally Yours” which ironically closes out the “Graveyard Shift” album.  I was standing at the back of venue during this song watching the crowd in awe as confetti flew.

For 4 and half hours several thousand people rocked out together, leaving everything they had on the venue floor.  It was a great way to end a fantastic evening.  Like I’ve said previously I think Motionless In White deserves more recognition for the amazing band that they are.  They played to a sold out crowd on this night, hopefully their growth will continue.  If you can’t catch them on this tour they will be out all summer on Warped Tour.


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