Motionless In White, Every Time I Die and Ice Nice Kills
House of Blues Anaheim – 2/22/18

Review and Pictures: Diane Lynn

So I realized that next on my schedule was a band called Motionless In White, it was a name I had never heard before but it was intriguing. I arrived at the HOB not knowing exactly to expect but seeing the throngs of fans arriving in full gothic attire peaked my interest even more. I had only seen a hand full of photos for MIW and heard a couple of songs before taking the assignment but hearing a relatively new (to me) band live for the first time is a great way to really capture the full range of the group.

The stage was a full blown production, I conjured up thoughts of what a stage setting for “A Nightmare Before Christmas” would look like, added in a dash of the Haunted House from Disneyland and a few chapters from an Anne Rice Vampire novel and you have set the scene for MIW. It was Gothic, it was Horror, and it was Romantic.

Elaborate costumes for each band member added to the mystic, my favorite – Devin Sola dressed as Sander Cohen, a character from BioShock, the band took the stage and captivated the entire place.

Motionless In White are:

Chris “Motionless” Cerulli
Ryan Sitkowski
Ricky “Horror” Olson
Devin “Ghost” Sola
Vinny Mauro

You could instantly tell that a lot of thought was put into each detail to make this show stand out from other metalcore bands making the rounds. The MIW fans are loyal fans, they know every song, every lyric and they LOVE their band!

While MIW is new to my ears the band was actually founded in 2005 by Chris “Motionless” Cerulli in Scranton, Pa. and have four studio albums under their belt.

Studio Albums
Creatures (2010)
Infamous (2012)
Reincarnate (2014)
Graveyard Shift (2017)

MIW has had their share of changing members but this line up seemed solid. They worked well together on stage, the sound was tight and they not only sounded great they also entertained! Too many times we see a band live and while we love the music the musicians themselves just didn’t put on a good show. MIW is theatrical, they invite you to their world on stage and you can’t look away!

I will be investing more time getting to know their music and would definitely love to see this band again, and again….


Supporting MIW on this portion of the Graveyard Shift tour were Every Time I Die and Ice Nine Kills, both were a fantastic addition to MIW tour.

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die are:

Keith Buckley – Vocals
Andrew Williams – Guitar
Jordan Buckley – Guitar
Steve Micciche – Bass Guitar
Daniel Davison – Drums


Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills are:

Spencer – Vocals, Screams
JD – Guitar, Screams
Conor – Drums
Justin – Bass

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