Pyromania and The Fooz Fighters – House Of Blues: San Diego – 9/2/17

Diane Lynn was on Scene and Heard…

Feeling a little discouraged because your favorite band passed through on tour and you missed the show, or maybe ticket prices aren’t within your budget? Well why not check out a Tribute Band?
Usually for little or no cost you can see a tribute to your favorite group and have just as much fun as you would with the “real thing”, if not more.

Preparations for these shows are in depth rehearsals, costumes, studying the originals to get the moves, sounds and gestures just right, they want to make the experience for the fan as close to the real thing as possible.
So go out and support the local tribute scene, I definitely had a good time and I know you will too!

WillToRock went down to the HOB San Diego last week to check out Pyromania (Tribute to Def Leppard) and The Fooz Fighters (Tribute to yep, The Foo Fighters) and I have to say, this was a Kick Ass Night of Rock n Roll!
The Fooz Fighters started us off with playing all of the top hits, and check out the singer, a pretty dead on lookalike for Mr. Grohl, I must say. Pyromania, their likeness to one of the ultimate rock n roll party bands is uncanny. These tribute musicians are a very talented bunch of guys (and gals in some cases) and they definitively love doing what they do.

The Fooz Fighters are:

Nicky Rich (vocals)
Mario Garduno (drums)
Don Hickey (guitar)
Brent Wright (guitar)
Sammy Burke (bass)


Pyromania are:
Michael O’Mara as JOE ELLIOTT 

Neal Shelton as STEVE CLARK 

John Kulczyk as PHIL COLLEN 

James Schultz, as RICK ALLEN – Filling in this night for Bob “ThunderBob” Duda 

Patrick McGrath as RICK SAVAGE

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