Quiet Riot – The Rainbow 45th Anniversary Party – 4/23/17

Recap, Pictures and Video by Ann Sunde

Hollywood’s Rainbow Bar and Grill celebrated its 45th anniversary on Sunday April 23rd with an afternoon and evening of free music and everything that goes with it.  I made it there just in time to catch Quiet Riot, and the long line to get into the parking lot clued me in to the struggle that lay ahead for me to make it through the crowd and up to the front of the stage. Hearing the laughter, recognizing familiar faces and  hearing fun conversations along the trek made me wish I had arrived earlier.  The already packed area seemed to multiply when Quiet Riot took the stage.  The crowd was anything but quiet.



Quiet Riot was one of the first metal bands I heard of way back in the day.  They were copied often in the east coast city I grew up in, but I never had the chance to hear them perform live…Until Now!



The current version of the band had everyone moving and singing and shouting. Newest member, James Durbin, delivered flawlessly as he demonstrated the versatility of his vocal range. Tirelessly dancing, his movements contributed to a current feel to the music.  Veterans Chuck Wright (bass), Frankie Banali (drums), and Alex Grossi (guitar) played as the tight knit unit they’ve become and through the evening, each took their opportunities to individually shine.



Banali came out from behind his drum kit to share a story of his early connection to the Rainbow.  He reminded us of the great musicians that are part of the Rainbow’s history.  He asked for a moment of silence to commemorate the musical giants who live on in the “sacred” ground known as the Rainbow.  And all the raucous rockers who heard his request complied.



The setlist was all classic QR as the band are apparently waiting until James has completed recording all his vocals for their upcoming “Road Rage” album.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening in a parking lot.


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