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A Heavy Metal invasion landed in Philadelphia on November 1, 2017. Led by Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy with Trivium, While She Sleeps and Fit for an Autopsy.

If rock is dead, then metal is alive and kicking at the gates of hell. This lineup blew the doors off of the Trocadero which was originally opened as an opera house in 1870; the times have definitely changed the nature of the crowds gathering at this venue. Arch Enemy is supporting their newest album “Will to Power” which was released on September 8, 2017. Trivium is touring on their brand new album the “The Sin and the Sentence” which was released two days after the show on November 3, 2017. While She Sleeps is touring in support of “You Are We” which was released on April 21, 2017. Lastly Fit for an Autopsy is supporting “The Great Collapse” which was released on March 17, 2017.



This was my first time hearing about Fit for an Autopsy. They first hit the scene in 2009 with their first EP “Hell on Earth”. Their first full length album “The Process of Human Extermination” was released in 2011. Since then they have had a couple of vocalists come and go until they finally found their groove with current front man Joe Badolato in 2015. They released their first record with Joe as lead vocalist, “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell”, in October of 2015.

Fit for an Autopsy was a great opener for this heavy metal tour package. Joe provided quintessential metal vocals, Patrick Sheridan and Tim Howley shredded the guitars, Peter Spinazola played a thunderous bass and Josean Orta tore up the drum kit. Their 30 minute set included songs from 4 albums, leaning heavily on their newest “The Great Collapse”. They played “Hydra”, “Heads Will Hang” and “Black Mammoth” off of this release. The band had incredible energy and had the floor opened up to a huge circle pit. The audience was definitely pumped up for the rest of the show.



While She Sleeps is a band that has been ingrained in my daily playlist thanks to SiriusXM Octane having their track “Silence Speaks” in heavy rotation. It also spent many weeks on top of Octane’s Big Uns Countdown. This track features Oli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon. They have been one of the hottest rock/metal bands in the past year so I’m sure that helped this song gain a lot of traction.

While She Sleeps was formed in Sheffield England in 2006, although their debut record “This is the Six” did not arrive until August of 2012. The line up consists of Lawrence Taylor (vocals), Sean Long (guitar), Mat Welsh (guitar/vocals), Aaran Mckenzie (bass), and Adam Savage (drums). They performed “You Are We”, “Hurricane” and “Silence Speaks” from their newest album “You Are We”. “Hurricane” is one of my favorite tracks. It starts off with clean vocals, then goes from rock vocals to metal screams and back. I think this song shows off the bands versatility and musicianship better than most of their other songs.

They closed the show with “Silence Speaks” which is probably their biggest hit and has received a ton of radio airplay. Towards the end of the song Lawrence climbed up the amps and scaled part of the balcony. He motioned to the crowd below to be ready, turned around and fell backwards into the waiting crowd. He then crowd surfed his way to the stage. It was a great way to end a very high energy set.



Trivium…where do I even start?!! One of my favorite live metal bands. My first experience with Trivium was when they opened for Volbeat in May of 2014. They were touring on their album “Vengeance Falls” which was released on October 15, 2013. Initially I thought the album was ok, but it wasn’t really my style at the time. That night they performed a mix of songs from that album and I was blown away and left the show with a totally different opinion. Seeing them this time was a bit different, I really enjoyed their follow up to “Vengeance Falls” which was “Silence in the Snow”. I also had a chance to hear many of the new tracks before the release of “The Sin and the Sentence” on SiriusXM Octane. All of the new songs have a story to tell and the band did them great justice on the recording but hearing them live was even better!

Trivium consists of Matt Heafy (lead vocals/guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar, vocals), Paolo Gregoletto (bass/vocals) and Alex Bent (drums) who is the newest addition to the Trivium lineup. The band was formed in Orlando Florida in 1999 and have had a few lineup changes over the years.

They opened the show with the title track from “The Sin and the Sentence”. This track immediately shows off Alex’s blistering drum skills. For a metal band Matt’s vocals are nearly all clean and the backing vocals are the rough metal vocals that you would expect. It’s a great combination that works really well and makes Trivium stand out in the metal category. “Betrayer” another track off the new album threw the audience into a frenzy. Moshing, crowd surfing and metal horns drawn. This song also features Matt mixing his clean and metal vocal styles as well as Corey shredding some incredible solo work. Just an all around high energy song.

The Heart from Your Hate” is the first single from the new album and is also a great live song that really gives a feel for what the album is all about. They played songs from several other albums including “Strife”, “Dusk Dismantled” and “In Waves”. Matt said they were pulling out an old one and tore up “Rain” from their 2005 album “Ascendancy”.

Trivium should be out supporting “The Sin and the Sentence” around the world for the next year or so. If you want to see a band that sounds amazing live and doesn’t rely on tracks and computers to run their show: CHECK THEM OUT! It will be well worth your time and money.



Last but not least, and the reason I went to this show, Arch Enemy. I have a friend from Paris, France that I met while going to rock shows in the United Kingdom. Arch Enemy is one of her favorite bands and she has been telling me to check them out for several years. When I saw they were releasing a new album I figured I would get my chance to see what all the fuss was about. Let me tell you I was not disappointed in the least and the have gained a new fan. (Thanks Marine!)

Arch Enemy hails from Sweden and their current lineup consists of Alissa White-Gluz (vocals), Michael Amott (guitar), Jeff Loomis (guitar), Sharlee D’Angelo (bass), and Daniel Erlandsson (drums). The band was started by Michael in 1995 and has gone through a few line up changes over the years most recently in 2014 when Alissa took over as the bands vocalist and Jeff was added on guitar. This lineup is very solid and they play like they’ve all been together for the past 20 plus years. Arch Enemy’s new release “Will to Power” is the bands 10th studio album.

They opened the show with their lead single from the album “The World is Yours”. This track has heart pounding double bass, incredible guitar riffs, a booming bass line and Alissa’s vocals which are something from another planet. When you look at Alissa you see a very beautiful woman grace the stage, then she opens her mouth and you should run for the hills. Metal vocals at their best! She definitely sounds like she summons some sort of demon to be able to use her vocal cords in the way that she does.

From the new album they also played “Blood in the Water” and “The Eagle Flies Alone”. I really enjoyed “The Eagle Flies Alone” the guitars in this song really drew me in and I found myself bouncing along with the rest of the crowd. They played songs from several other albums to round out their set, “War Eternal”, “As the Pages Burn”, “We Will Rise” and “Nemesis” to name a few. Arch Enemy is a very tight metal band and I can’t stress this enough, live vocals and live instruments will win me over every time regardless of the genre. So thank you Arch Enemy for keeping it real, true and authentic.

If you are into metal or even the harder side of rock and roll this is a tour package that you cannot miss. They are currently touring the United States and Canada. Catch them before they disappear back to Europe.


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