Half God/Half Devil Tour: In This Moment/Motionless In White/VIMIC/Little Miss Nasty – Freedom Hall, Lancaster, PA – 7/3/17

Review & Pictures: Tara Lakatos

In This Moment’s Half God/Half Devil Tour featuring Motionless in White, VIMIC and Little Miss Nasty hit Lancaster, PA on July 3, 2017.  This tour is supporting In This Moments album “Ritual” that is scheduled to be released on July 21st and Motionless In White’s album “Graveyard Shift” which was released on May 5, 2017.  VIMIC is touring on their album “Open Your Omen” which will be released sometime in 2017.

The show opened with Little Miss Nasty, a Los Angeles based rock and roll burlesque group.  This was a rock and roll opener at its best.  The old cliché of sex, drugs and rock and roll was alive and well.

There were four scantily clad women dancing on polls and each other and grinding on the floor.  There was cigarette smoking and drinking out of paper bags.

The dancers were all very talented and the choreography was spot on. I definitely felt like I was at a burlesque show in Las Vegas.  This was a very well staged act that fit quite nicely into the Half Devil tour motif.  The group came back out to perform several more routines right before In This Moment hit the stage to make sure the crowd was nice and heated.


VIMIC, who was founded by former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison was up next.  The band was formed in the spring of 2016 consisting of members of Jordison’s other band, Scar the Martyr; Jed Simon (guitar), Kyle Konkiel (bass), Mathew Tarach (keyboards).  VIMIC is fronted by Kalen Chase, who was a member of Korn’s backing band between 2006 and 2008.  Kalen has also been the vocalist for metal bands Illium and The Changing.  Guitarist Steve Marshall was also added into the mix after the bands formation.

VIMIC played their 3 released singles, “My Fate”, “She Sees Everything”, and “Simple Skeletons”.  They also played several other cuts from their unreleased album “Open Your Omen”.  Joey Jordison is just a monster on the drums, he has a massive kit that he just thrashed the entire set. He is a metal drummer at its finest!

While I had only heard a couple of their songs prior to the show I was expecting a little more energy.  For a metal show it felt flat to me, it felt kind of generic with the guitarist’s and bassist remaining mostly stationary for the set with the exception of a lot of head banging and hair spinning.  They didn’t really seem to play off of each other at all making it seem a little disconnected.  The songs themselves were performed well and they sounded great but they could have just used a little more interaction with each other and the crowd.


Motionless In White is touring on their new album “Graveyard Shift”, this album is their strongest yet.  Motionless In White consists of Chris Motionless (vocals), Ricky Horror (guitar), Ryan Sitkowsi (guitar), Devin “Ghost” Sola (bass) and Vinny Mauro (drums).

They opened the set with their single “LOUD (Fuck It)”.  This song is insanely catchy and easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.  The guitar riff sucks you right into the song and Chris’ vocals are just killer.  He has a rough sort of rap/rock/metal style, just think Jacoby Shaddix meets Marilyn Manson meets Corey Taylor.  Chris’ incredibly versatile vocals can have him screaming one second and killing smooth, clean vocals the next.  This is showcased on the song “Eternally Yours” which is my favorite track from the new album.

  Since this show was on the eve of Independence Day the performance of “America” was especially energetic.  The crowd sang almost louder than Chris.  Fists were in the air and mosh pits broke out in several spots.  Another highlight was their cover of System of a Down’s “Chop Suey”.  This is not an easy song for any one to cover but MIW does a great job.  The band’s stage presence and musicianship is stellar, they also had a great light show to boost the mayhem.

They closed out their set with “Reincarnate”, the title track of their 2014 album.   This is definitely one of their signature anthem tracks and a great way to close out a perfect set.  I believe that Motionless In White is a little underrated and deserve a lot more recognition.  I have high hopes that “Graveyard Shift” will push them to the next level.


Last but not least…In This Moment, where Metal music meets Broadway theatrics.  In This Moment is led by Maria Brink (vocals) with Chris Howorth (guitar), Travis Johnson (bass), Randy Weitzel (guitar) and Kent Diimmel (drums).  This band is just as much a visual experience as it is an auditory one.

Maria has a large, round, raised platform where she performs 90% of the show from.  The show is filled with smoke machines and amazing lighting to give a very mysterious effect.  Her routine is heavily choreographed, with props, costumes and two backup dancers aptly named “The Blood Girls”.

These routines could rival top pop acts or Broadway shows.  Maria has about as many costume changes as there are songs in their set.  She has an on-stage dressing room situated right behind her performance stage to make the transitions quick and seamless.

In This Moment opened with “Blood”, the title track off of their 2012 album.  This set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Maria was wearing a half mask and super high slitted dress that made her look like the queen of rock and roll on top of her throne.   She has a unique rasp to her vocals that set her apart from other females in the genre.

They mixed the set up with other old favorites such as “Adrenalize”, “Sick Like Me” and “Black Widow”.  The best surprises of the night came from the amount of new songs they play off of their upcoming album “Ritual”.  The first of the night was “River of Fire”; a song that starts off with thumping drums and clapping.  The lyrics, “baptize me in a river of fire“, rang true, that’s exactly what the band did.  This song is worthy enough to be a stadium anthem.  “Lay Your Gun Down” another new track where Maria was alone playing the piano.  It was great seeing a different side of her.  Maria stripped down (musically, not literally) is not something that graces the stage often so it was refreshing.  Next up and easily a highlight of the night was when Chris Motionless joined ITM on stage.   He performed a duet with Maria on the new song “Black Wedding”.  The lighting for this song produced the epitome of Half God/Half Devil.  The way the lighting and smoke was cast, Maria looked like and angel floating on clouds and Chris, in all black, was mostly a shadow that definitely could have risen from hell.  They performed amazingly together. While somewhat choreographed the performance came over more genuine than produced which made it special.

The last new song was their current single “Oh Lord” which was another booming anthem.  If these new songs are any indication of what the rest of “Ritual” will be like we are all in for a treat. The show was closed out with In This Moment’s traditional show ender, “Whore”.  Maria was behind her podium wearing her “Whore” hat preaching to her fans for one last time.  Massive balloons fell from the ceiling, filling the audience and stage.

Throughout the night Randy, Trent and Chris were very interactive with the crowd spending quite a bit of time on the edge of the stage, which was great to see.  I have seen In This Moment a few other times and they mostly played off to the sides and out of the light.  The band seems to be having a great time on this tour and it’s definitely showing in the way they are playing and engaging the crowd.  While Kent’s drum kit was off to the side and towards the back he was still a big part of the show.  Most of the new songs have heavy drums that he showcased.  If you get the chance to check out this tour its well worth it.  The Half God/Half Devil tour still has a month of dates left across the East and Midwest.

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