NICKELBACK w/DAUGHTRY – The Greek Theater – 9/8/17.

Has it come back in style to say that it’s alright to like Nickelback yet? (I can hear the smart asses saying “no”)  Because for the longest time this band has been the punchline of a lot of unfunny jokes (And maybe a couple of funny ones).  “They’re too safe…”; “They’re too formulated…”; “They’re the band you want to bring home to mother…”; “I don’t know why I don’t like them…but I just don’t.”  I’m not going to come out and say that Nickelback are recreating the wheel.  I’m not going to say that they’re the best rock band ever. Hell, I’m not even going to say they were the best band on the stage this evening, but Nickelback fill an album and a concert with more hooks than a UFC/Boxing Matchup.

Brothers Chad and Mike Kroeger (vocal & guitar and bass),  Ryan Peake (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Adair (drums) crank out a bunch of catchy songs that resonate with people who aren’t too jaded to sing along and have a good time, and that’s just what you’ll get on the “Feed The Machine” tour.

Having seen the band a few years back at the Staples Center in LA with pyro, a huge stage show and a set that kicked you in the teeth from start to finish, I had very high expectations. However, the first half of this Nickelback show seemed more ballady and slow tempo’d compared to the second half which initially made it kind of hard to get into.  Out of their first 10 songs, they played 2 new songs; Opener, “Feed The Machine” and “Song On Fire” as well as “Photograph”, “Far Away”, “Lullaby“, an acoustic crowd sing-along to The Eagles’ “Hotel California” as well as “Saving Me” which finally brought the Greek Crowd to life due to an appearance of Chris Daughtry to help out on vocals.

After that I think the set kicked into a higher gear with songs like “Animals” and “Something In your Mouth” allowing the band to finally crank up the Amps to 11!  They also included a karaoke version of “Rockstar” that had Ryan choosing one lucky fan from the crowd as well as Chad’s popular choice to join them; his ex-wife, Avril Lavigne, who returned to the stage after a 3 year absence.

My musings aside, I wouldn’t hesitate to catch these guys in concert again.  They’re not jaded enough to not be in on the joke and they know their crowd and their crowd knows them.  They’ll drink their Jager, interact with their fans and offer one helluva great time.



Now, I said that Nickelback weren’t the best band on the bill tonight (Let’s call it a tie) and that’s less about them and more about their special guest, Daughtry, who took the stage and grabbed The Greek Crowd by the Keftedes!

I felt Daughtry came out with a much more even setlist that put him into a groove from the start. The dude who came in 4th (and should have won) the 5th season of American Idol now has 5 albums under his belt and has left behind the shadow of his TV beginnings and established himself as a true Rock Star.

The crowd wasted no time in welcoming Chris to the stage by singing along to almost every song that was thrown at them.  “”Feels Like Tonight”, “Crawling To You”, It’s Not Over”, his first hit, “Home” and “Over You” were echoed by the Greek Theater audeince.

Even though their name is derived from their singer, Daughtry is a band.  With long time members, Josh Paul (bass), Josh Steely (lead guitar) and Brian Craddock (rhythm guitar) joined by Elvio Fernandes (keyboards, acoustic guitar) and newest member, Brandon Maclin (drums)

In my opinion the only misstep of his set was a version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” (accompanied only with a piano) which kind of felt out of place.  Chris’ voice is amazing and if you’re a rocker going to cover Metallica, why not throw in a dose of Master Of Puppets…  or at least a cover song that was a bit more up-tempo. (Or why not throw “Crashed” into the set?!) But I’m just nitpicking.  I’ve been waiting a long time to catch Daughtry in concert and this showing confirmed for me that it won’t be the last.


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