The WillToRock Top 5 will be randomly timed post giving you an artist’s Top 5 (albums, concerts, singers, guitarists…etc.)

Brad Sinsel was the lead singer of two incredibly underrated bands, TKO and the, gone WAY too soon, War Babies.

Brad was kind enough to kick off the WillToRock Top 5 Picks, so without further ado …


Top 5 Albums

5. Alice Cooper – “Killer”

“In 1971 I skipped school in order to drink beer & listen to music, as is the custom if one is to maintain the appearance off badassery!. Mid day I stumbled onto Alice Cooper’s Killer album. Alice’s gift to my craft is that I owe my sneer to him ! From Under My Wheels to Desperado, this album introduced me to the power of shock & outrage, especially since my peers were all very comfortable stuck in hippy land. Not a bad tune on it!

4. The Who – “Live at Leeds”

1970 gave way to The Who’s Live At Leeds. Daltry & I share a common growl to our voices in part due to performing with incredibly loud players. Between the insane volumes of the amps & the furious pounding of the drums, a singer in the middle of that will have little choice but scream over the top of that to be heard! Live at Leeds is another example of genuine improv at it’s best. The win actually goes to Who’s Next, released in 1971. You can hear a healthy serving of Daltry to this day in my voice , although mixed with a bit of Jagger & Burdon, it’s all part of the rock n roll blender!

3. Led Zeppelin – “Led Zeppelin”

In 1969 Led Zeppelin released their debut album & again, everything changed! This Lp was a significant turning point in the evolution of hard rock & heavy metal! Robert Plant’s swagger as well as imagery, again filled with passion spoke to me. To this day, I tend to rely on his influences from time to time.

2. Jimi Hendrix – “Are You Experienced”

1967’s Jimi Hendrix released Are You Experienced & everything changed! It led me on a journey which led me deep into the Blues. Cream’s release of Fresh Cream led me to Disraeli Gears which was filled with passion and imagery.  Live versions of the songs gave me a road map into improvisation. As a kid I logged hours jamming to these tunes & the importance of expanding a song beyond it’s 3:25 seconds followed me through it all.

1. The Animals- “The Animals”

“Meet the Beatles” originally caught my attention, which was quickly hijacked by the 1964 release of The Animals. There was a sense of danger in Eric Burdon’s voice & that spoke to me. I Wanna Hold Your Hand was replaced with recommendations of other options one might consider regarding her hand! Eric was a badass & that got my attention. There was a deep passion in his delivery. You’ll find pieces of him throughout my career. 


Eric Burdon & the Animals gave me my grit. Hendrix Experienced gave me insight to power, textures and imagery. Cream Disraeli Gears chained me to the power of the lyric and confirmed the worth of imagery. Zeppelin 1 allowed me to celebrate my manhood…something not popular these days – wouldn’t trade it for the world. The Who, Live At Leeds, confirmed I was on the right track! Who’s Next confirmed THAT for me. And Alice Cooper…. gave me my sneer… In return, I gave him my drummer… an unfair trade… i love my sneer!”


Thanks Brad!


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