Dirty Honey – “Dirty Honey”

Rating: 8/10

Review: Will

Short and Very Sweet… After releasing a ridiculously successful self-titled EP, Dirty Honey pick up right where they left off with a self-titled debut album. 

Since being the first unsigned band to reach #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts with “When I’m Gone“, the anticipation for a full length album was almost palpable.  Well, the wait is over and those who have been patient have been rewarded with a Smokin’ Blues filled, Rock n’ Roll record. Although I did say “Short” and Sweet…*

Opener and lead-off single, “California Dreamin‘” kicks off the album and right away you’re going to realize that the theme of this album is that some chick did a number on someone in this band and they’re either runnin’ from her or beggin’ her to come back. It doesn’t matter which, because we get to benefit from all the ups and downs.

You’ll hear a lot of the band’s influences in these songs (Take the Black Crowes flavored “Another Last Time“), but you’re going to get it with an updated take as the slithering vocals of Marc LaBelle and the killer riffs from John Notto help elevate these songs.

Another Last Time

“SHE burns like a whiskey

She cries like rain

Lord knows when I see your face again

SHE’S got me like addiction

But she won’t be my fix

Got me wondering why I’m holding on to this”


Pics by Diane Lynn


The album is chock full of amazing licks, smoky vocals and from the heart lyrics powered by the incredible backbeat of Corey Coverstone (drums) and Justin Smolian (bass).

Immediate standouts are “Tied Up” with a swaying groove that ends with a cool acapella refrain between Marc and his back up singers; “The Morning” shows off more of Marc’s range and contains a tasty John Notto solo that melts back into the main riff; and closer “Another Last Time” with a hammond keyobard foundation, great, beefy, backing singer chorus and another great solo that has Corey and Justin pounding along to emphasize the heartbeat of a love that will eventually go bad (again).

*I do have one bone to pick with the band, and that is that 8 songs that last just under half an hour seems to be more of an Extended, EXTENDED EP. It goes so quickly and I guess leaves you wanting more…  which is great…  but we ALREADY waited for more!

Regardless, it’s an album that should be in your collection and I can’t wait to see the new tracks played live.


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