Piston – “Piston” (album)

Label: Universal Music Group

Rating: 9/10

Review: Dawn Osborne


This is the debut album from this five piece band, mostly from the Midlands of the UK. At some sacrifice Piston decided they were not happy with the results of the first version of their album, so they scrapped it and started all over again until they were satisfied that the new version of the album was the best it could be.

Rainmaker’ was one of the first singles from the album. A great choice as the southern rock style of the vocal and the accomplished heavy blues guitar were a combination that appealed to me from the off.

Go Now’ with its insistent chorus is quite addictive and with the lyric  ‘we wanna party like it’s 89’ they are certainly preaching to the converted here.

Carry Us Home’ shows off Rob Angelico’s accomplished vocals: it’s a slower more reflective song with a country feel.

One More Day’ is more straightforward rock with faster energy akin to, say, maybe the Cult in pace.

Beyond Repair’ is my favourite song on the album. I really loved the chorus which really got under my skin.

Leave if You Dare’ is another great slow burn rocker.

Blow It Away’ the newest single is a little lighter in feel, a little funkier, but still with an underlying blues streak.

I never heard the first version of the album, but as a debut I found this album truly impressive and I can only assume that they made the right decision to remake it into its final form. The album is the sort of quality you expect from American hard bitten country rock musicians with twenty years or more under their belts. Can’t wait to see what they can do when they’ve been at this a little longer.


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