(Photo - Marie Randall)

David Lee Roth has always been known to be…different. A flair for the theatrical is the reason why he’s included in the “Best Frontmen of All Time’ conversation.

It worked in Van Halen.  It certainly worked to his advantage for DLR’s first few solo albums. But maybe it’s played out.  Maybe the time is no longer right for Dave’s brand of campiness.  Hell, maybe it IS the time for this and I’m the one who’s out of touch.          (I’m not)

I think we just want Dave to be the Dave of Old.  And instead, he’s just Old Dave. 

Yes, “Giddy Up” was part of the Roth Project from a few years back (That features John 5 on guitar & bass, Greg Bissonnette on drums and Brett Tuggle on keys), but the only reason I see for releasing the song now is because the name David Lee Roth has been a side note when talking about everything Eddie Van Halen since his the legend’s passing.

Or maybe he’s trying to stick up for Gene Simmons who declared that Rock is Dead.

Judge for yourself…



And to get the taste out of your mouth…  Here’s some classic Roth for you.