Photo Credit: Glen La Ferman


Los Angeles, CA. OF GODS & MONSTERS announced its new lineup and upcoming record today featuring drummer SIMON WRIGHT (AC/DC, DIO, UFO), guitarist IRA BLACK (DOKKEN, LIZZY BORDEN, METAL CHURCH), bassist BJORN ENGLEN (DIO RETURNS, SOUL SIGN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, QUIET RIOT) and founding member singer KEVIN GOOCHER (OMEN, PHANTOM-X).

Goocher said: “I’m beyond thrilled with the new lineup. These guys are truly Gods and Monsters at what each of them do. Writing with Ira in particular has been something I’ve never experienced before. Working with these musicians has pushed me to think outside the box. It’s been exciting and I hope listeners will feel that.”

Previous OF GODS & MONSTERS band members included drummer DEEN CASTRONOVA (JOURNEY, DEAD DAISIES), bassist TIM GAINES (STRYPER, ALDO NOVA) and guitarist JOEY TAFOLLA (GRAHAM BONNET, JAG PANZER) who recorded and released the bands first record “Sons of Armageddon” in March 2020 which featured SIMON WRIGHT as a guest on their debut single “Waiting on the End of the World”.

WRIGHT, BLACK and ENGLEN toured together in HELLION with singer Ann Boleyn in 2015-2016. The new lineup is currently finishing its first record with sound engineer Total Access Recording founder Wyn Davis. Davis’s notable clients include DIO, GUNS N ROSES, DOKKEN, GREAT WHITE, FOREIGNER, HEAVEN & HELL to name a few.

Follow up tour and festivals scheduled for the Spring/ Summer 2021.

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