THUNDER TO RELEASE “All The Right Noises” 

Pre-Order Now Available

We’re extremely pleased to announce the release of our 13th Thunder studio album “All The Right Noises”, on March 12th 2021.

Recorded in 2019 & early 2020, it was originally scheduled to be released in September 2020. Then Covid-19 happened and everything stopped. The November tour was moved back to May 2021, so the album had to go back too. We were choked!

Since we finished it in March, we’ve been busting to play this collection of songs to the world, but we’ve had to keep quiet. It’s been very frustrating, but finally the time has come and we’re able to tell the world about it.

Please Remain Seated (2019) was what we call a “sit down” album, and extremely good fun album to make, with the re-working of our old tunes. It gave us a chance to try different things, but it also allowed us to reflect on what we do best, namely blues based British classic rock at its riff-tactic best. We were always going to return to our roots, and we’ve done so in a big way with “All The Right Noises”. Those who thought we were ready for our pipe and slippers are definitely in for a bit of a shock!

Though we say so ourselves, it’s extremely good. “You would say that” we hear you cry, and you’re right of course, but it’s not just us. The few who have heard it are already calling it the best Thunder album ever. Maybe it’s too early to say, and we’re too close to it to comment of course, but we can say with complete sincerity that we’re very pleased with it, it’s 100% classic Thunder, and it’s 100% rock!

Hear first single “Last One Out Turn Off The Lights” here:

All The Right Noises” is available to pre-order now in a mouthwatering variety of formats and bundles. Click the box below for more info.

Thanks for reading, and please look after yourself, we need you.

Stay safe.

Ben, Chris, Danny, Harry & Luke


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