Royal Theater – 2/9/20

I enjoy the positive energy of the band, I really do.  But I have an aversion to lyrics that preach to me. I have an aversion to people that preach to me!  I could go into my own stories and my experiences with churches and people of faith (and if you want to hear some of them, reach out and I’ll tell you), but instead I’ll concentrate on the show.

Thoroughly enjoyable.  And I’ll say thats’ probably due to me not being able to make out most of the lyrics during it.  Stryper have an amazing fanbase, and the lines outside the theater as well as the excitement that came from the announcement that they’d be on the boat in the first place are a testament (new and old) to that.

Stryper put on one hell (sorry, heck) of a show. Michael Sweet (Lead Vox, Guitar) has an amazing voice and works the stage like and old pro dishing out a ton of tasty licks.  Oz Fox (Lead Guitar) pretty much kept to his own little area of the stage, but ripped out some killer solos.  Perry Richardson (bass) and Robert Sweet (drums) are almost worth the price of admission alone.  These two dudes just ROCK out.  And can I ask, can all drummers turn their kits to the side for the sake of us photogs?!  Robert is a beast (sorry, Angel) back there on the kit.  Hair and limbs flailing everywhere.  A total joy to watch.  

I get the hype of a Stryper show now, and I’d probably check them out again live.  But I can say that buying their discs probably isn’t for me.

Although, I would have loved to have got my hands on one of those Stryper Bibles.

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