Teresa Schachtel is a local L.A. artist specializing in a metaphorical watercolor based painting style called Doll Face Art.

“My inspiration comes from feelings and situations experienced by myself and others.

The earliest memory I have of actually creating art, aside from basic school age doodles and painting, was when I was 11. I submitted a nude sketch of a young girl in an art contest. Being that it was a contest hosted by the Catholic school that I went to, it wasn’t looked upon too kindly. But, I ended up winning. I got some flack for the “appropriateness” of the piece, but that made me want to rebel even more and push the limits in my subject matter.

I usually sketch out my work first and then paint in watercolors. I love watercolors because it reminds me of the “human stain” present in life. A stain like blood and how the water makes dry paint bleed.

My favorite artist is Marc Chagall. I love his wild and fantasy like imagination. I also am very inspired by the music, lyrics, and artistry of Marilyn Manson. He paints in watercolors too and a lot of his lyrics from his music have made me think about my own individuality, questioning “morality”, and my own rebellious spirit.

3My favorite piece that I’ve created shows a doll face with a heart in one hand and a brain in the other. I’ve always struggled with deciding which to follow, my feelings or logic. I’d like to find the balance somewhere along the way…nah, it’ll never happen.

My main goal I have with my art is to evoke emotions from people. I want it to be relateable and for someone to say, “I’ve felt that way before,” or “that’s exactly what I was feeling when I went through a particular situation”. I rarely explain the story of a particular piece because I want the onlooker to take their own experience and apply it to their own life.

I want people to know that I have my own emotions that literally “have” to come out in a painting or I might just burst! It’s really my true creative outlet in life. I love creating concepts that make people think and feel. I like it when someone says, “You’re art is a little too dark for me.” It makes me feel like I’ve gotten into someone’s soul, ripping it open and perhaps making them face themself in their own mirror.”


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