w/ Support from GFM and KrashKarma

The Whisky a Go Go – Hollywood, CA

Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Review/Pics: Will


Fozzy (the band, not the bear) returned to the World Famous Whisky a Go Go last Thursday and rocked out with old and new tunes to a packed house.  The evening was deemed as “Fozzy De Mayo” for those celebrating, and by the sounds of the crowd there was a lot to celebrate.

It was “Boombox” eve as the 8th studio album from the band wasn’t even dropping until the following day.  I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the album (which is chock full of catchy (electronic-tinged) rock hits).  It’s an album which is sure to do very well on the concert circuit once the faithful get a chance to learn the songs.

For the quick Fozzy history… The band was started by Ex-WWF Wrestler, Chris Jericho, as a joke act (think Steel Panther) and around the time of their 3rd album actually evolved into a bonafide rock act. The band has some killer musicians starting with original lead guitarist, Rich “The Duke” Ward, long time rhythm guitarist, Billy Grey and now includes the great P.J. Farley (Trixter) on bass and newest member, drummer Grant Brooks.

A third of the set was devoted to tunes from “Boombox“, which for a lot of bands could offer a lot of bathroom breaks, but to their credit, the Whisky crowd stayed full throated through out the entire set.  Some prolonged Wrestlemania type “Fozzy” & “Jericho” chants often broke out that had Chris standing on his front riser with a big grin.

The band is equally as entertaining as their WWE Frontman, with “The Duke” providing every rock star face and move in the book.  I also love that P.J. Farley is in the band. I haven’t seen Trixter play in forEVER so getting to see a familiar face on bass in the band is always a treat.

I really enjoyed this show more than I expected.  After all, I was “Team Sebastian” (Bach) when it came to their feud over live vocals.  But I put my feelings aside and took the show for what it was.  An hour and a half of some great rock music. Although I’m still scratching my head at the inclusion of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” which is on the album and in the set. did come off better live than it does on the album, but I’d have rather heard “Spider In My Mouth” in its place. Just sayin’. 

The Whisky stage is relatively small, but the band made ample use of what they had to work with by including 3 large screens that played different videos during each song.  The greatest visuals for my money were during new song “Purifier” that showed pretty much every Horror Villain that you could imagine as well as a few that I now need to seek out. (BIG Horror fan here).

One of the things that caught my ear on the new album is that Jericho sounds a LOT like Ozzy on quite a few of the tunes (Especially “Army Of One“).  You can tell there’s some manipulation of his voice on the album and I wondered if it would be apparent live.  I did catch a few hints of Ozzy-esque vocals in places, but other than that Chris really did sound good.


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Direct support for Fozzy came from 3 sisters hailing from St. John’s Florida called GFM (Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh). 

Definitely not your average teenage girl band. Maggie (vocals, bass), CJ (guitar) and Lulu English (drums) consider themselves “Beautycore” which by my understanding after seeing them would be a fusion of punk, metal and thrash wrapped up with a big teenage girl fashioned bow. 

Like the wolfsbane flower, this trio are cute and pack a deadly punch.  Maggie has a mixture of growling and clean vocals that are at first shocking to hear from such a small package.  But this is one hell of an entertaining act.  Older sister Maggie chugged out heavy riff after riff and youngest, Lulu exudes personality behind the kit.  Picture a young, female Tommy Lee.  

The band are making waves and it’s easy to see why they were hand chosen for this tour. I look forward to seeing them again.



The first act of the evening (that I was able to catch) were KrashKarma. A two-piece band (yes 2) that consists of Ralf Dietel and Niki Skistimas. I’ve seen them dubbed as both the Sonny and Cher and the White Stripes of Metal. 

Ralf plays a guitar/bass prototype while Niki is on drums and “hammer”.  Entertaining from the get-go as they started their set from the top floor of the Whisky with Niki playing the snare drum, they “marched” down the stairs and through the crowd to make their way to the stage.

A fortified cage around the bass drum made for a platform that both members would take turns occupying. A band to be seen to be believed and definitely worth checking out.

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