OZZFEST MEETS KNOTFEST – Glen Helen Amphitheater – 11/4/17


The second collaboration of Ozzfest and Knotfest once again offered up a smorgasbord of tasty Metal delights.

Saturday’s soiree ranged from the Demonic pleasures of Possessed, through the Norwegion Black Metal of 1349, up to the German Thrashers, Kreator.  This led up to the main stage melee of The Deftones, the amazing anthemic shouts of Resistance from the Prophets of Rage, and finally the Ozzman cameth…

By all accounts Ozzfest/Knotfest was a big fucking success!

As always the festival was an eclectic mash that included some old, some new, and some of the hottest bands making the rounds.  It would be almost impossible to review every band that the festival had on display.  The music is constant; As soon as one band stops, the next one begins.  The echoes of Metal didn’t stop ringing around the hills of San Bernardino (or my ears) all weekend.

Instead of a review of each band I will offer some things that stood out to me during the shows…  Some good…some not as good…some interesting…and some probably not as much…  but that’s for you to decide…




He’s a legend.  Without him the landscape of metal and rock may look completely different. But when it’s time…it’s time. We know it..and more importantly Ozzy knows it.

Vocally, this was not a great night for Ozzy. He sounded better at last year’s Ozzfest when he claimed he was sick with the cold.  The vocals were squeaky and often out of tune at times, but bless Ozzy for being out there giving it his all.

That said, I love the songs. The Ozzy catalog is plentiful and having Zakk Wylde back in the fold shredding them out to the world is how it should be. The band is completed by Adam Wakeman (keyboards), Rob “Blasko” Nicholson (bass) and just beating the absolute shit out of the drums, fresh from his stint with Ozzy on the Sabbath tour, Tommy Clufetos.

 In the wee hours of the night, after the sun set on Ozzfest and the day was waking up for Knotfest, it was announced that Ozzy would be starting his farewell tour.  I can’t help believe that the previous evening may have had something to do with that announcement. I think Ozzy will have better shows in front of him, but I do think that no one runs from time. I’d prefer to remember Ozzy as the energetic, sometimes dangerous and ominous and often comedic Rock Star from the past.

(Only a select few were approved to shoot Ozzy.  These four pictures were taken by the incredibly talented Stephanie Cabral)



Wow!  Just…WOW!  I’ve had friends that have seen the Prophets and the reviews have been glowing.  I finally got to see first hand what the fuss is about.  I’m ready to riot for what’s right, whatever that is…  I don’t know..  but man, they had me fired up and pissed off!  I wanted to Rage right along with them.  I wanted to know every word of every song so I could be part of this thing which is big!  It’s a growing ball of fury.  It’s a melding of everything that makes you angry and want to give a shit.  It’s a fuck you in the face to those that prey on the underprivileged, the people of color, the downtrodden, the underdog.

Created from a trio of bands that bled a social conscience (Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy) the collective sound created by rappers B-Real & Chuck-D, DJ Lord, bassist Tim Commerford, drummer Brad Wilk and guitarist Tom Morello is volatile and immense.  They provided offerings from all 3 bands and even played a crowd sung version of the Audioslave classic, “Like A Stone” to honor the late, great Chris Cornell.

The Prophets of Rage will smash you in the face with metal, rock, hip hop, rap and angst…  buckets full of angst.  For me, the band of the weekend.  Consider me signed up and part of the movement.



 Deftones are Chino Moreno (lead vocals), Stephen Carter (lead guitar), Frank Delgado (keyboards), Sergio Vega (bass) and Abe Cunningham (drums)



Smoke…  Lots and lots of smoke… Described as “Finnish Extreme Metal”…I tend to agree..

COB are: Alexi Laiho (lead guitar & vocals), Daniel Freyberg (guitar), Jaska Raatikainen (drums), Henkka Seppala (bass) and Corona drinking keyboardist, Janne Wirman.



Orange Goblin are: Ben Ward (vocals), Joe Hoare (guitar), Martyn Millard (bass) and Chris Turner (drums)

Orange Goblin had the honor of kicking off the MainStage festivities and did a great job of making the gathering crowd pay attention and start to get pumped up.  Hailing from London, this 4-piece act, considered a “Doom Metal” band, were created in 1995.  They’re playing festivals through 2017 and are definitely worth a listen if you can catch them.


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