Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators                   w/ Special Guests: Classless Act – The Palladium, Hollywood, CA – 10/16/18

Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

Touring for their new album, “Living The Dream“, Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators made their FOURTH stop in Hollywood, CA in just over a month! (with two shows at the Whisky a Go Go, and a mini set on the Jimmy Kimmel show kicking off their tour).  Having seen the band a few times now, they have finally left behind almost all of the Guns N Roses material that would be scattered through the set and instead it’s a more complete trip through the history of Slash and all the incarnations of his band. 

I always feel like Slash solos and noodles his way through his whole show and leaves all the chords for the rest. It’s as if all the songs are constructed with his intricate scales, riffs and runs, which makes every show so impressive.  Slash has mentioned in interviews that the guitar is an extension of himself and there are very few times when he doesn’t have one in his arms, working out new riffs and songs.  His guitar work seemed effortless…like he could carry on a conversation with you while belting out all those amazing songs.  With trademark Top hat and leather pants and tonight a multi colored Hendrix T-shirt, Slash never gives off any other vibe than pure and simple, Cool.

Alter Bridge are one of my favorite bands, and to me Myles Kennedy voice is (literally) music to my ears. Getting to hear him sing a different style of songs with some raunchier rock n roll grooves with Slash & Co is perfect for me. He’s not the most in-your-face frontman out there by any stretch, his performance is very understated, and he seems so down to earth and as far away from “Rock Star” as could be, but this man’s vocals are pristine. Adding his own nuances to the live setting, he killed those high notes and and is the perfect compliment to the amazing guitar work of Slash.

Brent Fitz is a bad ass behind the kit and with any other band would be more of focal point.  He, along with newest Conspirator, guitarist Frank Sidoris, who gets all the heavy lifting duties on rhythm guitar, have a way of kind of getting lost behind Slash, Myles and, the star of the night for me, Todd “Dammit” Kerns

Todd is enough personality for this and any other band out there.  He paces around the stage, bass strung low, providing hair flips and constant interaction with the crowd.  The guy is an amazing singer in his own right, providing harmonies and background vocals to Myles’ leads as well as taking on frontman duties for a couple of tunes from Slash’s debut album, “We’re All Gonna Die” as originally sung by Iggy Pop and “Dr. Alibi” from the late, great and dearly departed Lemmy.

The setlist is mainly a Slash-travaganza™ minus anything from his Snakepit days. As well as generous helpings of songs from “Slash“, “Apocalyptic Love” and “World On Fire” he also throws in “Fall To Pieces” from his days with Velvet Revolver (replacing “Slither” which was played on the last tour).

The only Guns N Roses song currently featured in the regular set (Although tonight there was an extra surprise), is “Rocket Queen”  which acts as a conduit to THE Slash solo of the evening.  Yes, there were lots of solos throughout the songs, but this is THE solo. Slash takes the spotlight stage left and blisters out an amazing solo that has a great take-it-where-it-wants-to-go feel through most of it while The Conspirators hold down a steady “Rocket Queen” riff in the background. The first time I saw this part of the set, I felt it was a bit self indulgent, clocking in at around 19 minutes, and I wondered when it was going to end, I mean aren’t solos when you’re meant to go grab a beer or hit the head?!  But this time I was prepared and ready to just take it in all it’s glory.

The Palladium audience was treated to that nice surprise I just mentioned to kick off the encores.  Slash came out to thank everyone who came to the show as well as some close friends including someone very familiar: Slash’s G’N’R bandmate, Duff McKagan, who came out with a guitar in hand and dived into an impromptu version of the Guns N Roses classic, “It’s So Easy” with Duff on Vocals.

The night was capped off with the amazing “Anastasia” which saw Myles grab a guitar for the first time of the evening while Slash graced everyone with an amazing extended solo.

Classless Act 

Making the hometown show a true family affair, Slash enlisted the services of his son’s band, Classless Act to open the show.  Unlike his Dad on guitar, London Hudson, anchors the band from the back.  He’s the drummer in the band and does a smashing job behind the kit.  The band is fronted by, Derek Day, an amazing guitarist in his own right, (discovered by Steve Vai), but for Classless Act he is, so far, solely on vocals, prancing around the stage and bursting with personality.  That leaves the guitar duties to three very talented young lads, bassist, Franco Gravante, rhythm guitarist, Dane Pieper and lead guitarist, Nico Tsangaris, who co-founded the band with London.

Having only played a few gigs to date, Classless Act belted out a quick 35 minute set, full of kick ass rock & roll. The average age of the band is 19 years old, which means that the future of rock looks to be in good hands for quite a while longer.  


1. Classless Act   2. Alchemist   3. Stampede   4. Devil   5. Hit N Run   

6. Hurt So Good   7. Mad House   8. Pass The Medicine

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