You Me at Six – The Glass House –  Pomona, Ca3/10/19 

Review/Pictures: Diane Lynn

A Sunday night might not seem like a perfect night for a concert but for the fans of You Me at Six any night is a perfect night to see them play!  

It was my first time at the Glass House in Pomona, Ca. and I was pleasantly surprised! It was much larger inside than I had thought, and the vibe was fantastic! 
I arrived a little early for the show and apparently so did a lot of the fans. The line for the show was already in full effect and was growing longer by the minute.  
You Me at Six had not popped up on my radar until I was asked about covering the show. I looked them up on YouTube to have a listen to a few of their songs and really liked what I heard. 

The first thing I noticed about You Me at Six was that they were fairly young lads and they really looked like “the boy next door” type. No fancy clothes, jewelry or gimmicks for this band just pure talent!  

Although You Me at Six hail from the UK they definitely have a fan base here in the US. Their fans lined the rails in front of the stage, some wearing the bands tee and anticipating their presence on stage.  

It’s been several years since the bands has made their way to the US but fresh off the release of their sixth studio album appropriately titled “VI“, they’ve brought their new music to the fans in the states and the crowd this night couldn’t wait!  

The band is listed as a Rock group, but I think I’d describe them more as Rock with a little Pop’ish flavor. This is not Metal Rock but it’s definitely not a “Boy Band”. The tunes rock but when that little bit of pop kicks in you’ll find yourself up and dancing for sure!  

 Front man and Lead Singer Josh Franceschi is definitely perfect for leading this group of talented gents. Not only does he have strong vocals he is also a great entertainer. He captivates the crowd and gets them pumped from the minute he walks on stage until the final bow.  

The entire band is moving and working the stage, giving the fans the show they came for and then some. Although the stage at this venue was a bit on the smaller side the guys really made it work.  

Guitarist Chris Miller and Max Helyer stretched the strings and the stage in tandem much to delight of the fans. Max Barnes worked his bass, keeping the heavy rhythm along with the hardhitting Dan Flint on drums 

One of the things that really stands out with this group was the energy they emitted to the crowd. They really looked like they were having a great time up there and fans were responding in a big way!  
During the entire set the fans were on their feet and if they weren’t jumping up to the beat they were singing along and most of the time they were doing both!  


You Me at Six 

Lead Vocals – Josh Franceschi 
Guitarist – Chris Miller  
Guitarist – Max Helyer 
Bass – Max Barnes 
Drums – Dan Flint 

I had a great time watching this band, but I’d really like to see them at a much larger venue next time! Maybe the House of Blues, The Grove of Anaheim or even The Forum! 

I’m looking forward to seeing them the next time they come around and if you didn’t make it to this show you missed out, but you can put them on your radar and definitely catch them on their next tour!      

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