The (Original) Bulletboys

Whisky A Go Go – Hollywood, CA – 12/30/19

I like my Bulletboys how I like my Coke…no, not pure and uncut, I meant Classic.  And that’s what Marq Torien, Mick Sweda, Lonnie Vencent and Jimmy D’Anda gave last night… a Classic Performance.

A sold-out Whisky a Go Go saw the 4 Original Bulletboys‘ Members reunite for what might be the start of another beautiful run for these guys.

The Whisky stage was adorned with a painting of each original member that was just procured the previous day by LA Contemporary artist, Robert VargasVargas came out just before the band hit the stage and spray painted, “‘88 Bulletboys” in red across the Canvas as Eagles Of Death Metal singer, Jesse Hughes came out to welcome Marq, Mick, Lonnie and Jimmy to the stage.

And with that, the 8 year drought of performances together was over.  The band ripped into a set that included everything you’d want to hear from the original lineup. I like that without the guitar in front of him, Marq is free to dance and roam around the stage while performing his antics with the microphone.  Mick, Lonnie and Jimmy were locked in and seemed to be having a blast, feeding off of the energy from the packed house.

During the evening Marq professed his love for each of the guys, and with that the next era of the Bulletboys had begun.

It sounds like there’s going to be a lot more dates added to their calendar this year, so make sure to grab the opportunity to catch them when they head to your neck of the woods.  Because ya just never know….

Link to Full Bulletboys Gallery: Here

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