Diane Lynn was On Scene and Heard…

Don’t Stop Believing (Tribute to Journey)  & Wanted (Tribute to Bon Jovi)

House of Blues Anaheim, Ca  – 4/5/19


Will to Rock stopped by the House of Blues-Anaheim last Friday night to see this tribute to Journey that everyone keeps talking about and we’re glad that we did!

There were two tributes playing this night. Wanted – A Tribute to Bon Jovi was opening and Don’t Stop Believing or DSB as they are known would play second.  

Don’t Stop Believing (Tribute to Journey)

When I arrived the Main Music Hall was starting to fill up and the mood was light, everyone was ready for some great music!  
I had a moment to speak with the Lead Singer, Juan Del Castillo before the show. We chatted about the tribute business in general and the hard work that these bands do to make nights like this happen.  

There are the rehearsals of course and plenty of marketing and promoting just as there is with national acts and it all pays off in the end when you have a stellar night like this one was shaping up to be.  

Don’t Stop Believing are not trying to be Journey they just want to celebrate the music of Journey and indeed that’s what they do at every show! 

Journey has been in the music media spotlight quite a bit this past year or so what-with their induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame AND Steve Perry making a giant leap back into the spotlight himself. Although Journey’s music is timeless and will most certainly be played on the radio for a long time to come, they may not always be touring for us to see live. This is where bands like DSB come in. They fill that void by playing the songs we love to hear especially when they are being played live and DSB do it so well, I might add! 

After snapping a few pictures from the pit I made my way back stage to watch a little of the show from the side and as I looked out to the crowd I was in awe. The venue was packed! I’m guessing that if wasn’t a sold out show it was darn near sold out! I’ve shot main stream bands at this venue many times and you would have not thought this was a tribute billing by looking at the crowd!  That alone speaks volumes about this band and the tribute scene in general. Fans want to hear their music; they want that concert experience even when “their band” isn’t touring. I say Tributes are the way to go!  

DSB had a fantastic set list that would please any Journey fan!

DSB has some serious talent on stage. 
Juan Del Castillo – Lead Singer 
Tony Love – Bass Player 
Henry O’Neill – Keyboard 
Danny Berglund – Drums 
Myles Buckley – Lead Guitar 

I recall hearing that Myles Buckley is new to DSB but you’d never know it with the great interaction between him and Juan. In fact, the whole band seems to fit well together. They were definitely having some fun up there and the fans could see it and feel it!   

A huge Thank You goes out to Juan Del Castillo and Bud Walker to having me out to my very first Don’t Stop Believing show. It most certainly won’t be my last!  

Wanted – The Ultimate Tribute to Bon Jovi 


Wanted is California based and are a constant fixture on the tribute scene in the So Cal area but also book shows in other areas, even venturing out of state. Wanted was a great kickstart to the night! You can’t get a more iconic than Bon Jovi when it comes to 80’s rock bands! Most people recognize a Bon Jovi song the instant it starts playing and the guys in Wanted do a killer job paying tribute to this still popular band!   

Jerry March – Lead Singer 
Steve Frangadakis – Lead Guitar 
George Bohdan – Bass 
Mark Romans – Drums 
Wes Styles – Keyboard 

 The fans seemed very happy these two bands teamed up as they were rockin’ and cheering for both bands equally hard. A double bill of hit classic rock tunes to make the night a success!  

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