Coffee w Benante, a Clinic with Kiko, Q&A w/ Beasto Blanco & Good Morning from Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons


Waking up after a late night thrashing through the Pacific with Death Angel, it was time for some Coffee…  And as chance would have it, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante was hocking his Benante’s Blend “Dark Matter Coffee” in the atrium.  He participated in a Q&A with Jose Mangin, that pretty much centered on his history with and love for all things Coffee…  this seemed very surreal to me.  It was like being part of a Heavy Metal QVC.

After that it was outside to get some fresh air. Chance would have it Megadeth’s Kiko Loureiro was outside giving a guitar clinic on the Pool Stage, or more so, playing along to Megadeth tracks. 

I’ve got to give it up to the Megadeth dudes…even though they weren’t able to play their originally scheduled shows, the guys were all over the boat, giving clinics, talking to fans, participating in jams.  It wasn’t how they envisioned it, but they made the best out of a bad situation.

After Kiko and some breakfast, it was back to the atrium for a Q&A with the very shy Beasto Blanco… That may not be true…This band is the life of any party and they may have enjoyed the Q&A more than the people who checked it out.  Questions about influences, a great story about how Chuck met Brother Latham, the mystery of Calico’s disappearing bat and much more…

Yes, that’s a picture of my breakfast…

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons

After finishing off the previous evening with the thrashing of Metal Church and Death Angel, a early show from Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons seemed a perfect way to start the next morning off on a much calmer note. Well PC & TBSs had different ideas.  After all, when you were part of an iconic metal band for over 2 decades, toning it down probably isn’t your thing. 

Phil and his “Bastard Sons”, comprised of singer, Neil Starr and 3 of his actual sons, Todd on guitar, Tyla on bass and Dane on Drums, shook the Stardust with a great mixture of Phil’s solo songs, PC & TBSs originals and a few covers from a band called “Motorhead“.

Of course all the Motorhead tunes got the loudest reception, with the audience participation turned up to 11…but the band played a kick-ass, rocker of a set, with Phil acting as the subdued elder statesman while the kids went wild.  Especially Neil who headbanged his straggly hair through out the entire set. Highlight was of course their set closer, “Ace Of Spades“. 

The band’s second set was relegated to the “Spinnaker Lounge” which should be corrected on any future cruises.  Don’t. Make. Bands. Play. In. This. Lounge! It was great for the comedy shows, Q&A’s, Photo Ops and Clinics, but it was SHIT for bands.  Unless you were the first couple of rows, the band couldn’t be seen and it did them a complete disservice having to squeeze on to that tiny little stage. (Rant over..  for now..  until my Beasto Blanco review)

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

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