Death Angel

Pool Stage – 10/14/19

Just call Jose.. He’ll tell you how awesome Death Angel are!

The last show of the 2nd night started while we were still docked in San Diego,and as we sailed away from port, Death Angel and the Fans on the Pool Stage gave a collective middle finger and a big Fuck You to San Diego for the “John 5/We’re Going to Arrest Your Captain” incident.

We were thrashing back out to see and man, was it a cold night.  I had rushed over to the pool stage from the Stardust Theater after the Metal Church show, all hot and sweaty and when I stood still at the front of the stage, I was suddenly VERY aware of the wind whipping around the deck. Well, the cure for cold is DEATH ANGEL

The acoustic opening to “Thrown To The Wolves” played and then Boom… that Chugging Riff and the thrashing mane of Mark Osegueda. A set of pure, classic, thrash metal… “Claws In So Deep“, “Voracious Souls” from their amazing 1987 debut, “The Ultra-Violence“.  No drop in intensity and not bothered at all by the gale force winds threatening to blow everyone off the deck…  (Ok, I’m being overly dramatic…but it was very cold.)

Another band still killing it live (and in the studio). Death Angel part of the second wave of the 80’s thrash movement, aren’t resting on their laurels… They released the great “Humanicide” earlier this year which to me was like the bastard child of prime time Slayer mixed with early Maiden. A progressive Thrash Beast of an album. 

Death Angel Are: 

Rob Cavestany – Lead Guitar, BVs

Mark Osegueda – Lead Vocals

Ted Aguilar – Rhythm Guitar, BVs

Will Carroll – Drums

Damien Sisson – Bass

They too jumped around their catalog and gave everyone a taste of their past and present. Death Angel; a mighty fine band and mighty fine way to spend a cold evening at Sea.


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