Armored Saint / UFO

The Avalon, Los Angeles, CA – 10/12/19

The First (Annual?!) MEGACRUISE kicked off in spectacular fashion with two Titans of the Metal / Rock scene playing together at The Avalon in Hollywood, CA. What a way to get a party started…
Armored Saint who have been Delivering the Goods since 1982 and the Legendary U.F.O. who we’ve Loved to Love for over 50+ years.

Armored Saint

Armored Saint were first up and set the tone for not only the night, but for the entire cruise.  Some pure Metal performed with amazing energy and intensity and sounding insanely great!
 Songs performed included “Reign Of Fire“, “Can You Deliver“, “Last Train Home“, “Underdogs” and “Left Hook From Right Field” & “Win Hands Down” from their awesome last album of the same name, and of course, “March Of The Saint“.
John Bush sounded better than I can remember and he just seems to be electrified by the music on stage.  I’m not sure what bassist, Joey Vera is channeling when he plays, but he enters another realm and may actually be possessed.  Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan shredded through this set and Gonzo has to be one of the most underrated drummers out there.  It was also Gonzo’s Birthday which I’m sure was a nice way to celebrate with a few hundred metal heads sending him B’day wishes.

Megadeth with Vic and Carmen

As was confirmed in a letter from Dave Mustaine a few days before the cruise, under Dr’s orders, he would not be setting sail.  But that didn’t stop the rest of the band from coming along.  Dave Eleffson, Keiko Loureiro, Dirk Verbeuren and Vic Rattlehead came out to wish the Cruisers well.  They were accompanied by Dave’s daughter, Electra Mustaine who let everyone know that her Dad was doing well and would be with everyone in spirit. 


Phil Mogg, singer for the Legendary U.F.O. announced earlier this year that after 51 years, he’ll be hanging up his mic. And at 71 years old and still performing at an amazing level, the man has earned his rest. So this run of shows, dubbed “The Last Orders Tour” will act as U.F.O.’s swan song. And what a way to go out.
U.F.O. have gone through a bunch of guitarists over the years and Vinnie Moore has held his tenure in the band as admirably as anyone. After the death of guitarist/keyboardist, Paul Raymond earlier this year, his original replacement in the band, Neil Carter, came back onboard to help close out the tour.  Crazy to think that the young gun, bassist Rob De Luca has been with the band now for over 10 years! Besides Phil, the only other original member of the band is drummer, Andy Parker, who’s still banging out the U.F.O. classics.
The U.F.O. setlist was as good as you could wish for… “Mother Mary“, “Only You Can Rock Me“, “Baby Blue“, “Cherry“, the always beautiful, “Love To Love“, “Too Hot To Handle“, the song that introduced me to U.F.O., “Lights Out“, “Rock Bottom“…
Tonight was pretty cool as they had a special guest join them on stage for a few songs.  Some dude from the bay area who plays with an up and coming band…  I hear they’re good.
Metallica’s Kirk Hammett jammed with the band on “Doctor Doctor” and set closer, “Shoot Shoot“.
Kirk Hammett shots by Joe Schaeffer

MegaCruise Week had officially begun in outstanding style.

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