Studio B – 2/10/20

Nikki Blakk Intro’s Faster Pussycat

Sleaze Rockers, Faster Pussycat are an old pair of shoes. You know exactly how you’re going to feel when you see them: Comfy as Fuck!

You’re gonna get Taime’s scratchy Vocals and hands on hips stance; Danny is going to interrupt “Bathroom Wall” with the always fun Supersuckers song, “Pretty Fucked Up“; Chad is going to bash away at the back providing killer BVs; Xristian is going to remain pretty stealth stage left; there will be Jack Daniels… and their lead guitarist is going to be… bendy.

The different part of this version of the band is current bendy lead guitarist, Sam “Bam” Koltun. Sam was introduced to the fans by former (still current?) guitarist, Ace Von Johnson as a hand picked replacement for the foreseeable future while he tours/records with LA Guns. (The Comment from Ace was “Bands sub members out all the time”).  Clear case of win/win for both bands.

Sam is a Musicians Institute Graduate a member of the LA Band, Budderside and is well known on the music circuit as a an overall talented MoFo. He brings the same energy that Ace did to the band and at present still seems too new to be pissed off at the world. Way too many smiles from the stage…  he’ll have to work on that.

He handles the spotlight like the pro he is and his presence and musicianship allow FP to remain… a comfy pair of shoes.

The played all the hits (except for “Posion Ivy“) and the Pussycats were joined by some Kittys, (Jenna and Rachel from Paradise Kitty) at the end to help them out with “Bablyon“.


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