The Dead Daisies w/ Special Guests, Hookers & Blow

The Roxy – Hollywood, CA – 9/16/18


Hookers & Blow

The Daisies brought along special guest (and former DD keyboardist), Dizzy Reed’s Hookers & Blow to open the show on this leg of their tour. The former Guns N’ Roses member doesn’t shy away from his days with the band as half the set was dedicated to GnR tunes including openers, “Pretty Tied Up“, “Dust & Bones” and “It’s So Easy“. 

Hookers & Blow’s set up sees Dizzy front and center behind his keys; To his right he has Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot) shredding away on guitar.  To his left he has back-up singer Nadja, as well as kick-ass cool, bassist Robbie Crane (Ratt, Black Star Riders). Behind him, turning that little kit into his bitch was, Danzig drummer, Johnny Kelly. Johnny was the focal point of the set for me. Johnny’s kit wasn’t anything to write home about… pretty basic stuff… but he bashed every note possible out of it and some that may not have been.

The rest of the set was filled with a a few tunes off of Dizzy’s recently released solo album, “Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Easy” including new single, “This Don’t Look Like Vegas“, a few more GnR tunes, “Used To Love Her” and “Don’t Cry” as well as a cover of Bowie’s, “Ziggy Stardust” and set closer, Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting“.

Dizzy isn’t bad as a frontman, pretty engaging actually for someone stuck behind a keyboard, but vocally the GnR covers don’t really stick the landing. Musically the band is tight, but Dizzy shines brighter on his own tracks and does a fine job with the rest of the setlist.


The Dead Daisies

The brain child of guitarist, David Lowy (and original singer, Jon Stevens), The Dead Daisies have become a revolving member, force of nature. This hard rocking, hard touring band, are bringing dirty, gritty rock & roll to the masses everywhere they can. I almost can’t remember a time when the Dead Daisies weren’t on the road. Tonight they finished up their U.S./Canadian Tour on the Sunset Strip at The Roxy.  

THIS was a Rock N’ Roll show! How do you know this was a special show?!  Because it was a Sunday night on the Sunset Strip and instead of worrying about getting up for work on a Monday morning, The Roxy was packed with people ready to sweat it out to a band giving their all.  Through the heavy smoke and the lights, The Dead Daisies rocked our asses off.

This show brought me back to days when Rock seemed a little more dangerous…waiting for the next little band to be the next big band.  The Dead Daisies should be huge!  The talent level and the band resumes are off the charts and pretty much speak for themselves.

John Corabi (Motley Crue, Union) is the frontman your favorite band wishes sang for them.  This dude can sing and growl his ass off.  Funny, engaging and just fucking cool to look at, Corabi leaves it all on the stage.

David Lowy, businessman, musician and according to Corabi, “The King Of Australia”, deserves a shit ton (an actual measurement) of credit for creating something so raw, yet polished. Yes, it’s a contradiction; But raw in the way that when Zeppelin and Sabbath were coming up, they didn’t adhere to any rules, they let the music take them where it needed to go…and Polished in the fact that he’s assembled so many top class musicians, that hearing Dead Daisies songs makes you feel like you’re listening to familiar, 70’s/80’s rock classics.

Doug Aldrich (Burning Rain, Whitesnake) brought all the cool. I’ve seen Doug shred a bunch of times and whether it’s at a guitar clinic or with the Daisies, he adds a sweet bluesy, rock vibe to any tune he touches. It’s a little known fact that Doug doesn’t own a shirt, and the ladies drooling in front of me were very appreciative of that made up fact.

Bassist, Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders) oozed enough testosterone for every man in that room.  Hell, he even has the word “men” as part of his name!  Marco slinked around the stage, pounding out the low end so effortlessly. He looks like an intimidating figure of a man on that stage, but as are all the Daisies, they’re some of the nicest rockers you could meet. 

Last but not least, the new guy in the fold, ex-Journey drummer, Deen Castronovo.  As well as being just a monster behind the kit, Deen (an amazing lead singer in his own right) brings another level of background vocals to the Daisies which definitely helps beef up their sound. 

And what a sound…The band were on fire and showed no signs of fatigue as they ended this portion of their tour. They ripped through their catalog coming straight out of the gates with “Resurrection” and “Rise Up” from their great new album, “Burn It Down“. The next song, “Make Some Noise” would look look really good wrapped up in a stadium, but fits in snugly and tight in the confines of tonight’s little rock club.  Fists were raised and Roxy crowd were in fine form as they shouted out the chorus. After my favorite DD cut, “Song And A “Prayer” and a few more from the new album, we were graced with a Doug Aldrich Solo which is always a delight to behold.

Their version of CCR’s “Fortunate Son” was followed up by band intros and song snippets to suit each member.  The Aussie, Lowy, was introduced with AC/DC’s, “Highway To Hell“. Marco was played in with the chorus of Thin Lizzy’s, “The Boys Are Back in Town“. Deen got to bash himself into the mix with KISS’ “Rock and Roll All Nite“. Doug shredded out THE most famous riff of all, “Smoke On The Water“, while Corabi sang us a song…because he’s a singer… as we got to help him sing the chorus to Sabbath’s “Heaven & Hell

The Dead Daisies wear their influences on their sleeves as was apparent by the latter part of the set that featured covers of “Bitch” from The Stones as well as a rippin’ version of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star“. The tributes continued into the encore as Dizzy Reed (re)joined the band on stage to help them close out the night with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s, “Midnight Moses” and final song of the evening, “Helter Skelter” by that little band from Liverpool.

This band deserves a rest, but they aren’t gonna get it.  Their tour picks up in October and takes them to Europe to close out the year. If for some reason you haven’t found this bandwagon yet, do yourself a favor and climb on to it. The Dead Daisies are a newish, oldish band that deserve to be the next Big Thing!

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