Studio B – 2/10/20

Well THAT was more fun than I thought it would be.  That happens when a band commits… And if you just look at Mac Sabbath… well you know they should be committed. 

On the surface, Singer “Ronald Osbourne“, Guitarist “Slayer MacCheeze“, Bassist, “Grimalice” and Drummer “The Catburglar” are a “joke band” and visually they play up every aspect of their characters.  However, these are really good musicians and their message (if you care to delve, and I cared) is actually anti-fast, or more-so anti-processed food, that would steer those with an open ear to a more organic based diet.

Heavy Metal songs (Mainly Sabbath) are lyrically adapted to food based subjects. Hence you get songs like “Sweet Beef” (Sweet Leaf), “GMO Blind” (Snow Blind) “We’re Not Going To Shakeys“, (We’re Not Gonna Take It)  “Frying Pan” (Iron Man)…and if I have to explain the joke well then I’m doing them a disservice.  

But here we are on a boat doused in alcohol and surrounded by amps, so I will forgo the gravitas of their message (at my own peril) and enjoy them for their pure entertainment value. “Ronald” does a great Ozzy and Preaches from his BBQ Pulpit to those gathered in their masses. (Just like witches at…you get the point). Jokes aplenty accompanied by circus clown antics with buckets full of glitter and ketchup and mustard bottles squirted into the audience.  BUT, you also get a fun rock & roll show that is thoroughly enjoyable.

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