KISS – Laughlin Event Center, Laughlin, NV – 4/22/17

Awesome Review and 5 Mile Away Cell Phone Pictures by Teresa Schachtel

“My First KISS”


The amount of dedication it took for this Valley Girl to leave LA on a trip to the Laughlin Event Center in Nevada was well worth the nothingness of the desert drive to see KISS in concert.

Being a long time KISS fan, this was the very first time I’ve seen them perform live…And I’ll say, I got a SHOW! Flames, Fog, Fans, and a Fabulous set-list of classic hits kept me rockin’ in my black ripped KISS shirt the entire night.

With only two original members in the band, (Gene and Paul) and the addition of drummer Eric Singer on drums, the spectacle of Klassic Kiss surely still did not disappoint. Tommy Thayer, who handles a hydraulic lift exceptionally well, impresses with both his vocals and sick solo guitar shredding abilities during, “Shock Me,” while Gene’s bloodied-mouth-tongue-flicking-Demon Bass solo proved to be exactly what was needed to pop my KISS cherry.

With major anthems to chant along to like “Detroit Rock City”, “Lick It Up”, and “Deuce“, I was pretty ready to go into the bathroom and apply the fan makeup to show my support. While “Flaming Youth” and “Psycho Circus” also made my hair swing, nothing was more exhilarating than hearing and singing along live with hundreds of crazy die hards to the show’s wrap up hit, “Rock and Roll All Nite” while ingesting the KISS Konfetti and watching Paul Stanley decimate his guitar in true unobliterated rock star style!! It’s what I expected…A Party!

What else can I say…consummate long time professionals who even prod the crowd to, “Raise your hand if this is your first time seeing KISS.” And, oddly enough, among the sea of spacemen and demons, were hundreds of “first-timers” and a whole new younger generation raising their KISS Army Fists to hail the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legends.

 Although I couldn’t swoon to Paul’s melodic slower jam (my 1991 favorite rock ballad of all time, “Forever”) I was enthralled by all things shiny…so I bought a metallic black tin of KISS guitar pics and felt privileged that I was now a piece of KISS-tory!

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