KORN – HOB Anaheim, Ca. – 3/6/17
Review and Pictures: Diane Lynn
Jonathan Davis – Vocals
Brian “Head” Welch – Guitar & BV
James “Munky” Shaffer – Guitar & BV
Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu – Bass
Ray Luzier – Drums
With show time approaching at the newly opened Anaheim House of Blues, the noise of the awaiting fans was at a low rumble. Just before the curtains opened for the second night of two sold out shows, a slow chant of “KORN, KORN, KORN” started and reverberated off the walls. The lights dropped, JDevil’s custom made mic stand was quickly unwrapped and BOOM!… Korn hit the stage with a purpose and an intensity that could be felt though your bones.
Myself having never seen Korn live before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But right away I could easily see that each band member was genuinely having fun, it wasn’t mechanical or a job to do, this was their party and everyone was a VIP guest. There is no weak link in this band: Jonathan DavisJonathan is as menacing as ever behind his Geiger designed “The Bitch’ mic stand.  Brian “Head” Welch oozed cool through his guitar and Ray Luzier is quite simply a BEAST behind the kit!
Several mosh pits promptly started just after the beginning of the second song with a few bodies ending up in the pit area and each one with bigger grin than the last, eager to get back into the fray. A select group of lucky Korn fans (appearing to be mostly female) were watching from just off stage, all wearing Korn shirts and singing along without missing a lyric.
The set list for the second night was slightly different from the first but still contained most of the fan favorites, ending of course with ‘Freak on Leash’. They touched on Metallica’s ‘One’ and a snippet of ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen.
The show only lasted a little more than 75 minutes but it was a pure Adrenaline rush!
Set list
Right Now
Here to Stay
Rotting in Vain
Somebody Someone
Coming Undone (with a snippet of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’)
Y’All Want a Single
Make Me Bad
Shoots and Ladders (with a snippet of Metallica’s ‘One’ at the end)
Drum Solo
Falling Away From Me
Freak on a Leash
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