The Dead Daisies – The El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, CA – 8/25/17

I watched an interview recently were lead guitarist, Doug Aldrich mentioned that he doesn’t like this band being called a SuperGroup!  Well…  I can’t help it…because The Dead Daisies are indeed a SUPER GROUP.  Currently on tour supporting their first live album, “Live and Louder“, The Daisies brought their infectious energy and catchy anthems to the El Rey theater on Friday night in Los Angeles and proved just how great a band they really are.

Since their creation by founder David Lowy in 2012, The Dead Daisies have had a somewhat revolving door of a lineup, but the band have landed on a group of guys that were destined to collide.  Together with DavidMarco Mendoza (Bass -Black Star Riders, Blue Murder), John Corabi (Vocals – Motley Crue), Doug Aldrich (guitarist – Whitesnake) and, Brian Tichy (drums – Whitesnake) are reminiscent of everything good about the best of those 70’s rock bands.

The Dead Daisies have created a ton of blues laden grooves that they’ve forged into a very impressive catalog of songs in such a short time.  Tonight included a nice selection from that catalog including, “Mexico“, the foot stomping, “Make Some Noise“, personal favorite of mine, “Song And A Prayer“, “Devil Outta Time“, the blistering “Mainline“… If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to go grab yourself some Dead Daisies… Go on..  I’ll wait….

…You Back…?  Good. Throw in some classics like CCR’s “Fortunate Son”, The Beatles’, “Helter Skelter” and a staple of the DD set, Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re An American Band” and you’re in for a kick ass good time. They even dumped the ballad out of the set tonight, because sometimes you just have to keep on Rockin’!

The caliber of a band is easy to see when at Solo time, instead of heading to the beer line, people stayed right where they were to watch Brian Tichy bash the living shit out of his kit..WITHOUT sticks. After all, who doesn’t like to watch a good bare knuckled, back handed, drum solo?!

Then there’s the amazing Doug Aldrich with his bluesy slide guitar solo which harkens back to the days of Greg Allman and Micky Moody.

One things is apparent, this band is turning heads and kicking ass around the world and they’re having a hell of a lot of fun do it. Time to jump on the train….




The Dives

The Dives; A four piece act comprised of Evan Stanley (Guitar, Vocals), Mike Lefton (Guitar, Vocals), Sergio Ortega (Bass, Vocals) and Jimmy Meier (Drums, Vocals) are making the old sound new.
I describe them as The Oneders with a jet engine attached. (The Oneders or “Wonders”  being the band featured in the movie “That Thing You Do”).  They’ve got that ‘60’s boy band sound, with chunkier riffs and choruses you want to sing along with right away.
I listened to a few of their tracks before I went to the show and wondered how they would fit in opening for The Daisies.  No need to worry at all… Their personalities and energy proved right away that they belong.  I shouldn’t have doubted them knowing that Evan comes from good rock stock. (Evan is the son of KISS frontman, Paul Stanley, who showed up with bandmate, Tommy Thayer, to watch the boys in action).  I look forward to catching these guys again sometime soon.

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