The Dead Daisies

w/ Special Guest Orianthi and Don Jamieson

The Vermont – Hollywood, CA

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Review/Pics: Will

Another concert venue popping up more often in the Hollywood music scene these days is The Vermont. And Saturday night this parking challenged locality was host to a really killer lineup of The Dead Daisies, Orianthi and Comedian, Don Jamieson.



First up this evening was Australian Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter, Orianthi.  Anyone in the rock (and pop) scene should know who “Ori” is, having played with Alice Cooper as well as being chosen to be Michael Jackson’s guitarist on what would have been the “This Is It” tour.  Her music  meshes rock, pop and blues together with hooks and lyrics that have the ability to pack a really emotional punch.  

Orianthi has rarely toured as a solo artist which made this feel like a very special evening.  I’m hoping that changes soon, because tonight Orianthi showcased a tight set of some older tunes, a couple of covers and a few choice cuts from her most recent album, “O”.  Catchy choruses and killer riffs that left the crowd wanting more.


Making this set somewhat more special for me was having some friends included in Orianthi’s band who have some amazing pedigree of their own. On Keyboards, SoundCheck Live creator, Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne); always making the bass his bitch, Derek Frank (Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain), the guitar crunch coming from Nick Maybury (Scott Weiland, Perry Farrell) and on Drums, Elias Mallin (Kesha).

I’ve seen “Ori” several times at Charity events as well as the local SoundCheck Live show that I cover, and she really should be seen to be believed. Tonight was all about rocking out as most of Orianthi’s ballads were left out for the heavier selections, as noted by her two closers, Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” and Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child“.

Full Orianthi Gallery: Here

Orianthi at The Vermont Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA Setlist

Don Jamieson

Tonight Don Jamieson played the meat in this Musical Sandwich. Don (Who you may know as 1/3 of the “That Metal Show” gang along with his friends, Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine) is an incredibly funny dude that blends rock and dick joke comedy seamlessly together.

If you’re familiar with Don, you’ll know his comedy has way more to offer to more diverse crowds, but Don knows his audience and plays to the Rockers with stories of Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, and jerking off to Lita Ford and Poison (Don’t say you weren’t a little confused by the “Look What the Car Dragged In” album cover”). In my opinion comedians shouldn’t be reviewed, they should just be seen.  I think Don’s a funny muthafukka, so instead, just go out and buy all of his CD’s to get a flavor of what the man brings to the table. 



The Dead Daisies

The revolving door of The Dead Daisies has turned once again. This being the 3rd iteration of the band that I’ve seen live.  Outside of mainstays, Doug Aldrich and David Lowy on lead/rhythm guitar, the first had John Corabi on Vocals, Brian Tichy on Drums and Marco Mendoza on Bass.  The next one switched out Tichy for Deen Castronovo and now we’ve landed on the addition of the LEGENDARY Glenn Hughes (Vocals/Bass) and another amazing addition on the skins, Tommy Clufetos (Drums).  

Although I’ve loved every DD lineup that I’ve seen, finally getting an opportunity to lay my eyes and ears (outside of a guest appearance at a Whitesnake show) on “THE VOICE OF ROCK’, Glenn Hughes was really a dream come true. And man, it did not disappoint. 

Touring in support of their latest album, “Holy Ground“, their setlist pulled heavily from their newest offering. This suited me just fine as it’s most likely going to be making my top 10 albums of the year list.

Let me start with Glenn Hughes; this freak of nature is 70 years old and he’s hitting notes that Lady GaGa would be proud of. After I finished shooting I stood at the back of the club to get the full effect of what this man offers and I honestly was awestruck. I talked with August Zadra (Dennis De Young guitarist) after the show and we came to the same conclusion that it was really an emotional experience getting to witness this Rock Legend in person.  (I’m still holding out hope I get to see this man again with Black Country Communion some day..  please…  PLEASE!!!)

While I was looking up ages, I also checked out the birthdate of the great Doug Aldrich.  This dude, still looking better than most of his peers, is 57 years old!  I mean I stopped taking my shirt off in my early 40’s! (and let’s be honest..  I was way overdue).  I’d throw Doug into the “one of the most underrated guitarists” category for sure.  No stranger to playing with Rock Royalty (Dio/Whitesnake), Doug’s name on a marquee should be enough to bring in a crowd, but the Dead Daisies is a band he was made to be in.  His rock/blues style fits perfectly with the DD vibe and Holy Ground showcases some of his strongest work to date.  Watching him rip these riffs live was more icing on an already tasty cake.

David Lowy, The Dead Daisies rhythm guitarist and founding member, has created a beast that just keeps getting bigger and better. There’s been an amazing progression in quality on all of the Dead Daisies albums.  The talent that he attracts to this project is second to none.  On stage David is fairly reserved, allowing the bigger names in the band to take the spotlight but David creates a formidable foundation for these blues driven rock tunes.

As mentioned, David has brought some amazing talent to the band, and damn…  Tommy Clufetos is a hard hitting, powerhouse of a drummer that on stage pounds these tunes into your soul! I saw Tommy with Black Sabbath on their “End Of The Road” tour and let’s be honest, when you’re watching Sabbath with a replacement drummer, you’re focusing on the 3 Original members.  But up close and personal in a small venue, Tommy can not be ignored. Often bathroom time during a drum solo, I made a point to give it my full attention. And I’ll just say that if that drum kit walked into a police station and claimed assault and battery, there were a ton of witnesses to corroborate it’s story.

As well as the Holy Ground Tracks there was an ample dose of songs from the previous DD discography as well as CCR’s “Fortunate Son” and the inclusion of not one..but TWO Deep Purple classics with a bluesy rendition of “Mistreated” and a ripping finale with “Burn“.


The Dead Daisies at The Vermont Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA Setlist

Full The Dead Daisies Gallery: Here

Always an amazing show when The Dead Daisies come to town.  Adding Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Orianthi to the bill for this one made the combination into more of an event! Throw in comedian Don Jamieson and I think all bases were pretty much covered for a kick ass way to spend a Saturday evening.


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