Whisky a Go Go – Hollywood, CA

Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Review/Pics: Will

Tiffany and crew are over halfway through their “Shadows” Tour (which started in June and runs thorough Nov.) and on Saturday night made a stop at the World famous Whisky a Go Go.  So how would this 80’s Pop chanteuse fair at this iconic rock venue? 

Damn well indeed. 

I’ve seen “Tiff” a few times through the years and have always looked forward to hearing how her sound has evolved.  Way more than the familiar tunes that made her famous in the 80’s, she is a very gifted songwriter (And along with guitarist Mark Alberici, now a Josie Music Award winner) and is about to release her 11th studio album (“Shadows) in October. 

As a songwriter (outside of Pop of course) Tiffany has written and recorded Country and Dance songs. Seemed just a matter of time before the rocker in her decided to creep out. Based on her current band and this show, new album “Shadows” is going to ROCK! 

The word is that the album is going to have more of a Punk flair to it (Not surprising considering it includes Tracii, Ace, Johnny and Scot from L.A. Guns) and The Whisky crowd got a taste of what’s to come. (*In our 2017 interview I asked Tiffany if she’d ever make a Heavy Metal Album – You can hear her answer: Here).

Tiffany and band hit the stage with new single “Hey Baby” and didn’t slow down. As Tiffany has evolved so have the musicians that she’s toured with and this is the hardest hitting yet. 

A great double guitar crunch coming from  Mark Alberici (Lead) and Josh Sampson (Rhythm) with the L.A. Guns rhythm section of Johnny Martin (Bass) and Scot Coogan (Drums) providing a thundering backbone to old and news songs alike.

The set pulled from her long career with a healthy dose of the new album, a few covers and of course the hits that made her the household name she is today. 

Highlights of the night included Opener, “Hey Baby“, new song, “Shadows“, “King Of Lies” from “Pieces Of Me“, the driving rocker, “Lost Inside” and a killer version of the Rival Sons’ song, “Keep On Swinging“.

Tiffany’s voice is as stellar as ever and she looks very comfortable with a bonafide rock band providing her soundtrack.  I have a feeling that Tiff is about to hit another level of her career that may have people talking about more than “I Think We’re Alone Now“.

A Big Thank You to Johnny Martin for having me out to the band’s Soundcheck (Resulting in dinner and drinks at the Rainbow). You can tell the character of a person by the company they keep and Tiffany’s entire band Mark, Josh, Johnny and Scot as well as tour managers, Garret L. and Rob M. are salt of the earth. 

Don’t let this tour pass you by and leave you thinking what “Could’ve Been”.

(So close to making it through without one pun…  so close…)


Black Rock Candy

I also want to give a shout out to opening act, Black Rock Candy… What a kick-ass, Rockin’, young band. 

At the Whisky a Go Go it’s not uncommon to have to sit (stand!) through sometimes 5 or 6 pay-to-play acts, and at times it can be TEDIOUS. But this band blasted out of the gates and made everyone pay attention. 

Singer, Taylor Jennings has the intensity and poise of much more seasoned acts and each member of the band took what little stage they were afforded and made it their own.

And when I say young, I’m not kidding.  It’s a band of teens that consists of Taylor Jennings (vocals, 19), Aaron Ormond (Drums, 18) with Isabella “Izzy” Jennings (guitar), Dylan Gianella (bass) and Samantha “Sam” Yanis (keyboards) all 16 years old.

The played all the songs off of their debut album, “Death Us Do Part” which is a great blend of rock, blues and pop. Black Rock Candy brought a few fans with them and undoubtedly left with a bunch more.  If you see their name on a marquee…  Do yourself a favor and check them out.

If this is the future of Rock, it’s in very good hands.


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