The 3rd Annual “Ride For Ronnie” supporting the
Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.  

Los Encinos State Historic Park, Encino, CA. 5/7/17

“You’ve Got Desire.  So Let It Out.  You’ve Got The Power. Stand Up and Shout”

 – Stand Up and Shout – R.J.D. (Dio)

The 3rd Annual Motorcycle Ride and Concert in the Park in support of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund took place in Glendale & Encino, CA. on Sunday, May 7th.

Kickstands were up at 11am in Glendale and The Roaring Herd of Bikes started pouring into Los Encinos State Park a little before Noon.  Although the ride was short, the presence loomed large as the rumble of Harley’s made their way to the concert in the park. Leading the Ride was Stand Up And Shout President and Wife of the Late, Great, Ronnie…Wendy Dio.  Adorned in Pink, Wendy was all smiles as she led the Bikers into the park.

Wendy and her similarly attired friend, “Tally” were soon joined for pictures by rockers, Lita Ford, Gilby Clarke (Guns ‘N Roses), Sean McNabb (Lynch Mob) and his wife and Channel 11 news anchor, Christine Devine, EJ Curse (Gilby Clarke) as well as Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy) and fellow board members, Dr. Sandy KapoorSharon Weisz and Danny Zelisko 

“I See A Rainbow Rising. Look There, On the Horizon. And I’m Coming Home, I’m Coming Home, I’m Coming Home.”

 – Stargazer – R.J.D. (Rainbow)

The threat of rain certainly didn’t deter anyone from showing up and by all accounts, the attendance at this years event dwarfed that from the previous year. The park was outlined with food trucks, bake sale booths, Ride for Ronnie Merchandise, a large stall dedicated to silent auction items and the ever popular beer tent.

(Extra Ride For Ronnie Picture Gallery)

DJ, Promoter of all things Metal and Rock and R.J.D. friend, Eddie Trunk, was the MC for the day.  He was tasked with introducing bands and performers and even became an auctioneer for several of the items donated to the event.

“Don’t Live For Pleasure.  Make Life Your Treasure.  Fade Away”

 – Sign Of The Southern Cross – R.J.D. (Black Sabbath)

The Concert:

NO SMALL CHILDREN (Gallery), Teachers by day, Rockers by night (or Sunday afternoon) kicked off the concert in the park.  Dressed in matching blue, crushed velvet dresses, the 3 ladies brought a lot of energy to their short set.

SONIA HARLEY (Full Gallery) kept the electricity at a high level while the growing crowd filtered into the park.  Sonia has a kick-ass band that includes Roby Duron, Johnny Blade (guitars), Robert Cruz (bass) and Charles Wiley (drums). A Protege of Lemmy’s, Sonia included a funky version of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades” which brought up the first signs of Horns from the crowd.

Next up was Ernie Snair and THE LOVELESS (Gallery), a local 3 piece outfit who have been involved in previous Stand Up and Shout Fundraisers, and definitely got some hips swaying with their Rockabilly groove.

After The Loveless, Wendy and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor presented a check for $25000 to Dr. David Wong from the UCLA Medical Center on behalf of the Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

Dr. Wong discussed the advancements that they are making in the detection of oral cancer by using a person’s saliva.  The hope is that eventually people would be able to self diagnose early detection of the disease.

After the presentation to Dr. Wong, it was back to the music…

EDDIE MONEY (Full Gallery) brought a crowd to the stage and ON to the stage as his band consists solely of the Eddie Money lineage. If you listen to Eddie, it’s probably a safe bet he tours with family as a security measure to keep him out of trouble.  He displays a cheeky sense of humor which is matched (and mocked) by his daughter and co-singer, Jesse.

Eddie and family ran through a set of his best including “Baby Hold On”, “Take Me Home” and of course, “Two Tickets to Paradise”.  Those who might have seen Eddie as an interesting inclusion to this bill were made aware that Eddie and Ronnie were great friends, and he showed great respect and love for Ronnie and all those that we have lost to cancer.

After Eddie’s set he stayed on stage to help Eddie Trunk Auction off one of his own touring jackets.

DJ’s, Melissa Maxx (95.5 KLOS) and Stew Herrera ( were on hand to toss out some souvenirs and introduce the next band, Rough Cutt.

ROUGH CUTT (Full Gallery) kicked off the Metal in the park.  It’s a welcome sight to see and hear Paul Shortino and the Classic Rough Cutt lineup of Chris Hager (guitar), Dave Alford (drums), Amir Derakh (guitar) and Matt Thor (bass). Paul came out on stage all smiles brandishing a large umbrella as the first drops of the day started to fall.  Chris seemed to have the toughest time skating around the slippery stage, but did an admirable job keeping himself upright. Dave was barely visible under the large green canopy that was erected over his kit to keep it dry.

Rough Cutt finished their set by inviting a bunch of familiar faces to the stage to perform a version of Hear ‘N Aid’s“Stars”. (The Rock and Metal contribution towards famine relief in Africa, created by members of the Original Dio band.)  This version included, among others, Lita Ford, Brittany Denaro (Vixen), Patrick Stone (Budderside), Sean McNabb (Lynch Mob), Joe Retta (Dio Disciples), Ace Von Johnson (Faster Pussycat), Scott Warren (Dio), Kelly Rhoads (Brother of Guitar Legend, Randy Rhoads) and Ronnie’s Cousin, David “Rock” Feinstein.


*Of note, there was a small sampling at the Ride for Ronnie, of musicians that participated in that original recording of “Stars”, including all five members of Rough Cutt, George Lynch and Jeff Pilson (Dokken) and Craig Goldy  (Giuffria)

Comedian Bill Burr was on hand to chide the obnoxious “Boxcar Willie” looking dude (who kept screaming for the stage crew to make sure the set lists remained dry), as well as to introduce another bunch of Stars.

Taking the stage next was Original Guns ‘N Roses Drummer, Steven Adler with ADLER’S ALL-STARS (Full Gallery).  With the sun cracking through the clouds, the first order of business for Steven was to get rid of the lumbering Green tarp covering the drums. With that out of the way, the All-Stars consisting of  Ace Von Johnson (Faster Pussycat), Jeff Pilson (Dokken), Robert Sarzo (Hurricane) and Patrick Stone (Budderside) kicked into “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Lita Ford came out to sing on “Sweet Child of Mine” and was eventually joined by Michael Devin (Whitesnake) who stuck around to help out on vocals for “Rocket Queen”.  As always, Steven bashed out all the GnR hits with the biggest of grins. Steven is an example of someone who is truly living in the moment.

DIO DISCIPLE’S (Full Gallery), a revolving band of musicians who played alongside Ronnie or were friends of the man, came out next to honor the Legendary front-man. Today saw former Dio members, Simon Wright, Bjorn Englen, Scott Warren and Craig Goldy take the stage.

Fronted admirably by Joe Retta, the band ripped through a small collection of R.J.D. classics that covered his stints in Rainbow (“Kill The King”), Black Sabbath (“Heaven & Hell) and his own band (“Stand Up and Shout”, “Rainbow In The Dark” and “Holy Diver”).  The Spirit of Ronnie was truly alive as the crowd sang along to every song, pumping fists and showing the Horns.

The concert was capped off with this year’s headliner, LYNCH MOB (Full Gallery).  George Lynch, as tan and cool as ever, shredded through a mix of Lynch Mob and Dokken songs to the approval of the large crowd.

Oni Logan (Who also subs in for the Dio Disciples occasionally) gave thanks to Wendy Dio for including them in the event, and let her know that they would do anything for “Papa Ronnie”.  After kicking off with a few Lynch Mob tunes, including “Wicked Sensation”, Oni asked if anyone was ready for some Dokken. To the obvious delight of the crowd, Oni handled the Dokken classics (“When Heaven Comes Down”, “The Hunter”) with ease.  Hitting some notes that are not always heard at an actual Dokken show these days.

Sean McNabb (bass) and Jimmy D’Anda (drums) hold down a steady backbone to the funky, blues tinged Lynch Mob songs. The band finished off their set with “Tangled In The Web”, and almost like the heaven’s were crying because the show was ending, down came the rain.  The lightning in the distance made it clear that standing in the middle of a large field with music equipment plugged in, it was probably time to call it a day.

Truly a Great day for an even Greater Cause all in the name and memory of a Legend.

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

“Hell And Fire Burning Higher. Now I Can See The Ever After. Clock Is Moving Only. While I See You Down Here Me In Laughter. Never More”

 – Never More – R.J.D. (ELF)

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