Edge Of Paradise

Whisky a Go Go – Hollywood, CA

Sunday, August 7th, 2022

WillToRock was On Scene and Heard…

Edge Of Paradise released a banger of an album, “The Unknown” in 2021 and tonight they were able to showcase a great selection of songs from that release.

It’s been a while since Edge Of Paradise have performed live. That alone didn’t make it surprising that a larger than expected crowd for a Sunday night made their way to The Whisky in Hollywood.

Edge of Paradise are Margarita Monet (vocals/keyboards), Dave Bates (guitar), David Ruiz (guitar), Kenny Lockwood (bass) and Jamie Moreno. Their sound could be described as symphonic metal and their songs deal with a number of futuristic and thought provoking themes.  Most have a truly epic quality to them and it translates well to the live setting.

The chugging rhythms, innovative solos and exquisite vocals of Margarita were reproduced perfectly which wasn’t a shock, but more of a very pleasant surprise.  If you’ve heard “The Unknown” you’ll know why; it’s an album that seems steeped in multiple musical layers.  


  • You Touch You Die
  • Digital Paradise
  • Tidal Wave
  • Fire
  • Electrify
  • Believe
  • Leaving Earth
  • Burn The Sun
  • Bound To The Rhythm
  • One Last Time
  • Madness
  • False Idols
  • The Unknown


  • Welcome To the Jungle

The band have 3 previous album releases, but I highly recommend getting a copy of “The Unknown” to get a true flavor of what this band is capable of.

I’d say Edge Of Paradise are on the verge of something big

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