And with that, M.O.R.C. X is in the books. We survived Fort Lauderdale to Belize to Cozumel to Fort Lauderdale without one person contracting the Coronavirus (as far as we know…)

I’m sure everyone is still a little wobbly from the ship and just happy to be back in the land of 2-ply toilet paper. The 10th Monsters Of Rock Cruise by all accounts was again an amazing success.  Sure, I’ve seen a few nitpicks here and there, and some are valid, but an event of this magnitude will always have a few issues.  The constant theme on the boat was really the spirit of camaraderie and the genuine love for this music that we live and breathe. 

Another killer, diverse lineup of bands.  Some good shows and some AMAZING shows! I’ve discovered that I do love me some Swedish Rock… There’s something in the water there that seems to produce these high intensity bands creating some amazingly catchy tunes.  It was also great to catch up on some bands that never make it to the States (I’m looking at YOU Thunder!) As well as all the returning favorites like Y&T, Tesla, Faster Pussycat who bring it each and every year.

And so kicks off the WillToRock M.O.R.C. X Coverage… I unfortunately didn’t make it to every show and due to photo experience shoots and scheduling, I missed a few bands completely.  The coverage will come as I get through my editing and writing process but hopefully what I’ve captured allows you to either relive some of your experiences (for those on the boat), or realize just what you’ve been missing (For those of you that NEED to get on the boat). 

Feel free to leave comments at the bottom sharing your experiences or adding things I may have missed.  

It all started for me with Richie Kotzen in Miami at the Second Pre-Party… 


Magic City Casino – Miami, FL – 2/7/20

 I’ve waxed poetic about Richie Kotzen many times previously on this site and nothing has changed.

Richie is a seen to be believed artist. A TRUE artist. The esoteric canvas he paints each show through his incredible talent leaves a lasting impression. The more people that get to see him, the more people realize that his musicianship has no boundaries.

To play with Richie you’re not going to be an average Joe. Bassist Dylan Wilson is another musician that should be a household name. Effortlessly weaving an intricate foundation of rhythm that allows Richie to go where Richie wants to musically go.

Behind the kit for these shows was Tal Bergman. In talking with Tal, he let me know that he got the call to perform these two shows pretty recently. He learned the songs in a short amount of time and I guarantee that people would have thought that he had been playing them for years.

I don’t recall a time where someone who hasn’t seen Richie play for the first time hasn’t been astounded by his musicianship and the raw emotion he exudes during each show.

Amazing all around.

Full Richie Kotzen 2/7/20 Gallery: Here

Full Richie Kotzen 2/9/20 Gallery: Here

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